Marketing with Mariolatry: are weeping Marys increasing?

As the Catholic Church (RCC) continues to grow around the world, there are regions where it has faced some challenges due in part to corruption within the church, especially when it comes to sexual assaults of children that are then covered up. One of the main areas where it has slightly slipped in numbers and influence is... Continue Reading →

Six years a slave: who St. Patrick really was

Saint Patrick's Day is upon us once again as yet another holiday promoting Catholicism, pagan superstitions, and drunkenness. The real Patrick, a saint from the British isles who sparked a gospel revival in Ireland, would be appalled to see how his name is misused in the festivities bearing his name today. As a reminder, here... Continue Reading →

Better to be an atheist than a Catholic hypocrite, says Pope Francis

In a private morning mass held in his residence on February 23, Pope Francis added to his long list of controversial statements. Expressing regret for all the hypocrisy that takes place in the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope drew the conclusion that people who call themselves Catholic--boasting about their involvement in Catholic associations, regular mass... Continue Reading →

A new day for Opus Dei?

Opus Dei, the Roman Catholic secret society that publicly touts itself as a Catholic service organization, may be about to undergo some changes as Pope Francis I today expressed his condolences to its members over the death yesterday of 84-yr-old Bishop Javier Echevarria who led them. Echevarria headed the organization for approximately 20 years. Much has... Continue Reading →

Occultic religion santería boosts Cuba’s economy

In the Americas and Caribbean Region, interest in the occultic religion Santería seems to be intensifying. According to an article in the online magazine Vibe, Cuba is seeing heavy profits from the religion's popularity (especially in Latin American/Caribbean communities). What is Santería? Santería is an eclectic mix of African voodoo, indigenous Caribbean paganism, and Roman Catholicism. It... Continue Reading →

ELCA’s agreement with the RCC: is unity or doctrine more important?

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's recent statement of agreement with the Roman Catholic Church stressed, in their opinion, how vital it is to focus on unity and the common ground both bodies share instead of a preoccupation with doctrinal differences that they are slowly and quietly working on. Their ecumenical decision begs the question: which... Continue Reading →

Virgin Mary, don’t you weep: a Mary statue in California sheds “tears”

When you're short on Marian apparitions, apparently weeping "Virgin Mary" statues will do to draw in the masses to the Mass. Lying signs and wonders are a hallmark of the last days (Mat. 24:24), and weeping "Blessed Virgin" statues are one example among many. Yet devout Catholic Maria Cardenas of Fresno, California, is excited that... Continue Reading →

“We are brothers…children of the same God,” says Pope @ Maundy Thursday ritual

Pope Francis I held a foot-washing ceremony to commemorate the Catholic-created "Holy Thursday" in Italy on March 24. He gathered 12 refugees from the Catholic, Hindu, Orthodox, and Muslim faiths to wash and kiss their feet to mock what Jesus did at the Last Supper with his disciples in the Bible. Minutes before this, the Pope... Continue Reading →

Mexican Pentecostals chased out of their town after an Inquisition are allowed back in

In a situation reminiscent of the Catholic Inquisitions in Europe, nearly a year ago (Spring 2015) cousins Casto Hernández, 31, and Juan Placido Hernández,  26, were arrested for having a private Christian gathering in Casto's home in a town in Mexico. The authorities arrested the Pentecostal cousins for having a non-Catholic religious celebration at Casto's house... Continue Reading →

Some Britons are angry with Pope Francis for his opposition to Brexit from EU

Pope Francis has openly expressed his wish that Great Britain remain in the EU, much to the chagrin of many Britons who wish to cut their losses and escape the many downward trends that the EU has thrust upon them. Archbishop Paul Gallagher, a top Vatican diplomat, stated in a TV interview that the Pope... Continue Reading →

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