A Review of Archaeological Evidence Supporting the Bible

This past Saturday, July 30, Calvary Chapel of Marlton, New Jersey, hosted their Apologetics Conference. The sessions of the conference were taught by Christian apologist Charlie Campbell who runs the website AlwaysBeReady.com where he has posted a wealth of information to help Christians defend the faith. In their first session, Campbell did a review of several archaeological discoveries that have come to light in the last 150 years which have proven how accurate and trustworthy the Bible is. These discoveries have time and again left anti-Bible skeptics with egg on their faces and eating crow. Campbell clearly lays out how a relationship with Jesus Christ enhanced by Bible study is for people who wish to use their reasoning in honest ways. Christianity is most definitely the thinking man’s religion.

The video below is one hour, 48 minutes long, but the session actually begins at approximately the 44:53 mark. Click the image below and a new tab will take you to the actual YouTube video.

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