Canada’s Medical-Assisted Suicide Expands, and the Poor Are Being Euthanized

Back in February, I did my latest post among many posts on legalized euthanasia, warning about the dangers and blatant disregard for human rights and human life that go along with it. Leftist atheists who are the leading activists promoting this culture of death have attempted to deny or ridicule the idea that this practice is harmful, but the facts speak for themselves. This practice is being expanded in Canada to murder people using cutesy, innocent-sounding terms like “medical assistance in dying.” It’s being used as a pretext to kill the poor and/or those who are mentally compromised who are incapable of giving informed consent.

At the end of April, Yuan Yi Zhu, a journalist for the Spectator, published a report noting that “Soon enough, Canadians from across the country discovered that although they would otherwise prefer to live, they were too poor to improve their conditions… Despite the Canadian government’s insistence that assisted suicide is all about individual autonomy, it has also kept an eye on its fiscal advantages.” In other words, they’ve placed financial gains above humans who are created in God’s image, which is what makes human lives priceless.

This week, journalist Bob Unruh of published his own report about complaints from patients’ families and police investigations regarding the euthanasia abuses being unleashed on the defenseless. Several days ago, Tucker Carlson also did a segment on Canada’s legalized murder. It’s truly infuriating to see how governments run by God-hating liberals are so quick to dismiss the lives of innocent, law-abiding citizens while they encourage criminal behavior and finance those who are willing to indulge in it. As I’ve stated before, the more they ridicule God’s word as being untrue it’s ironic that they then turn around and fulfill it. In this case, they’re fulfilling Christ’s words in Matthew 24:12 about love waxing cold in the end times when iniquity abounds. Click the image below to go to Tucker Carlson’s May 11 segment on it. Let’s pray that the Lord will work through caring humans and divine intervention to counteract this corrupt, callous cabal.

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