Virus in Pig’s Heart May Have Killed Transplant Recipient

Back in January I posted the story about the first man ever to receive a pig’s heart in a transplant surgery. The doctors and organizations who boasted in the mainstream media about the overwhelming success of the surgery spoke too soon. Not long after they reported that 57-year-old David Bennett was recovering well, his health took a serious downturn from which he never recovered.

The pig heart began swelling, filling with fluid–the typical signs of an infection. Bennett was given a regimen of antibiotics, antiviral medication, and an immune-boosting treatment, but the heart stopped functioning approximately two months after the surgery. Researchers have been studying the heart to determine what happened. Their findings now show that a latent animal virus was in the pig heart. It may have contributed to Bennett’s death, but further research is needed to definitively make that call.

God created humans and animals in such unique ways that it’s no surprise from the beginning he banned the genetic mixing of humans with animals by commanding each creature to only reproduce with its own kind in Genesis. He followed that up with outlawing bestiality in Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Those passages deal with the basic and predominant means by which DNA is distributed, but that principle of genetic production can be extrapolated and expanded to include mixing DNA across various kinds of created organisms.

Although it’s a noble thing to want to preserve a man’s life, the doctors and other experts involved in this situation are probably evolutionists and made some false presumptions. For example, they probably presumed all organisms came from a common ancestor, making it possible (in their thinking) to have viable transplants between humans and animals with scientific capabilities that can work out the kinks along the way. They were proven wrong in this case and it’s sad that the man lost his life. It would probably be best for physicians who wish to solve such complex health problems if they started with what God has told us in his word. He’s the one who designed and created us, after all, so why not refer to his manual and work from there?

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