Astronomer Jason Lisle Explains Creationism’s Role in Evangelism

This past Sunday (March 6), Christian astronomer Dr. Jason Lisle was guest speaker at Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain. In this hour-long video, Lisle starts with the Lord Jesus Christ’s great commission at the end of Matthew. He then explains how and why it’s important for Christians to be able to defend Genesis and how that affects the effectiveness of sharing Christ’s gospel. Lisle also discusses how millions of years evolutionary theory, even if Christians are duped into believing it, doesn’t jibe with what the Bible actually says.

13 thoughts on “Astronomer Jason Lisle Explains Creationism’s Role in Evangelism

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  1. What?! The actual scientific & historical creation of the universe doesn’t jibe with Genesis?! Heavens to Betsy!

    Of course it doesn’t. One is a scientific theory based on hundreds and hundreds of years of observation, experimentation, rationale and reason.

    The other is mythology. Why do you insist that Genesis is anything but mythology? Even William Lane Craig laughs at the notion that evangelicals actually believe Genesis.


    1. Oh, look. RaPaR is back to spew more atheist nonsense. Anyone who is really focused on science-based observation would know that scientific observation shows that the universe has very specific order that speaks of design. They would also know the universe hasn’t always existed and has finite resources that won’t last forever (laws of thermodynamics), facts that a majority of atheists still try to explain away with their “eternal universe” false doctrine. As I explained to another atheist who made similar snide remarks to yours, the universe has a whole plethora of constants that must all be maintained simultaneously in order for the universe to maintain it’s existence. This proves that it has a specified order underlying our existence and is not in a state of pointless, random flux. The universe is so structured and ordered that science shows there had to be someone outside of and not bound by space, matter, time, and energy who designed the universe to give it structure and order. We find countless patterns on Earth and in space–and all patterns have someone who created the patterns. That’s how human inventors have invented useful things by copying patterns in nature (biomimicry), which cannot come about by random chance. But, of course, you already know God exists. You just hate him because he condemns your pet sins.


      1. Could you actually make up any more nonsense if you tried? No legitimate “scientist” would ever consider ID as a feasible explanation for anything no less the design of the universe. Intelligent Design is nothing more than creationism in a cheap suit, period. No scientist with an once of respect would ever propose such a nonsensical theory. Slowly but surely, science has removed the unexplainable aspects of life from god to science. There’s not much left in that basket of the unknown but we will find answers and you – in your infinite ignorance – will continue to find ways to attribute nature to god. That is pathetic.

        You should be ashamed of yourself poisoning the minds of young children with this specious drivel.


      2. RaPaR,

        Since you want to repeat your same lies over and over, I’ll repeat what I’ve replied to you before about your lie that Christians are harming kids.

        Not only do atheists tend to lie to themselves, they’re also good at the hypocrisy of projecting onto others what they are themselves guilty of. I’m referring to your beliefs in Darwinist myths about origins and the fairy tales you conjure up to hoodwink people into believing such nonsense. That’s why the nonsense of Ernst Haeckel’s fraudulent embryonic drawings have been taught for decades to school kids. Atheists nowadays have shown their hand to reveal they couldn’t care less about science since so many of them are pushing the “transgender” nonsense or the nonbinary, endless genders fairy tales that deny the biological, chromosomal science which clearly shows there are only two genders and that people cannot change their gender. Yet you want to moan about Christians brainwashing kids when real Christians are the ones telling kids the real truth about the real science of genders.

        When Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes exposed in 2021 how this transgender nonsense is causing young people to suffer from being pressured into bad decisions to try to be the opposite gender, many of your leftist atheist cohorts tried to silence her. They continue to push their lying dogma on kids even more with their drag queen story hours. Yes, your atheist buddies are the ones behind this garbage that ultimately leads to kids suffering. Truth is, atheists couldn’t care less about kids. That’s why atheists scream that kids should be murdered in the womb or after they’re born. You people go all out when it comes to infanticide, the murder of innocent babies. As if that isn’t enough, you people also scream about the right to pressure sick people or the elderly into euthanasia or physician assisted suicide. Atheists have a knack for disregarding human life while pretending that they care about human life.

        The reason you deny God’s truths was explained by Jesus in John 3. Those who don’t believe in Jesus Christ are condemned already (John 3:18). “And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved,” John 3:19-20. You lie about God, the Bible, and Christians because you love the darkness of your sins. You prefer your evil deeds and hate for your deeds to be exposed by God’s light for what they are. So you unleash baseless criticism against anything that’s godly to deflect and divert attention away from the truths that threaten your falsehoods.

        “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God,” (Psalm 14:1) Why do fools say that? Because “They are corrupt, they have done abominable works…” (Psalm 14:1).


      3. Well, you are really quite the Christian, I must say, Harry, a Gaylord! Jesus would be so proud!

        First, I love the way you lump all us lefties into one group, which is the last thing we are. We’re like herding cats, especially politically. I know nothing about transgender issues and have taken no interest in them at all, let alone encouraging kids to change their gender. While you godly Americans (Republicans?) are quick to have your gay children suffer their lives quietly, just so you can fell good about yourselves.

        Yes, I do believe we should allow the terminally ill to choose to end their lives on their own, as long as they are capable to make such a decision. You wouldn’t let a dog or a cat suffer, but you’re perfectly willing to allow Grandma to slowly and painfully pass in agony for as long as it takes. That is reprehensible. Furthermore, Christ never made a single comment on the matter so it doesn’t seem it would have been that important to him either.

        I don’t think I ever done anything abominable – at least so far, that is – but can tell you have. You care so much about people, and it really shows.


      4. RaPaR,

        You should really find better things to do with your time than trolling Christians, IMO, because you often contradict yourself which exposes you as a liar. Lying is the typical M.O. of atheists. You claim to know nothing about transgender issues, but then claim that you know gay kids are suffering under “godly Americans.” That’s a statement defending the false, ungodly, unscientific concept of “transgenders”, something that I said you atheists do. You proved my statement is accurate that you atheists claim that you’re all about science as you deny the immutable scientific truth that there’s no such thing as transgenders. Gay kids are suffering because they have chosen to embrace rebellion against God or were converted to that way of thinking by someone in their environment (such as a sex offender who victimized them) and failed to get help or rejected help to teach them the correct way of life.

        Your take on allowing the terminally ill to choose to let medical personnel murder them is just a smokescreen to make the whole process sound innocent. Wherever euthanasia has been legalized using your argument, the pro-euthanasia people proceed to take off their masks to reveal that they really want anyone who feels like killing themselves to get medical professionals to help them commit self-murder. That’s what’s happening in Canada where they’re discussing letting kids do it. They also fought to expand euthanasia beyond the terminally ill in Belgium and the Netherlands. And there have been murderous sociopaths in the medical fields who either pressured people into being killed or murdered them without their consent using euthanasia laws as cover. This is part of the legacy of your atheism as you denigrate human life by equating human life to the lives of animals under your false theory of evolution. Human life has a much higher level of sanctity than any other creature.

        While you falsely accuse my views of being reprehensible, your twisted arguments prove atheism and all that it promotes is what’s really reprehensible.


      5. Harry:

        You are really too easy. I feel like I’m arguing with my grandfather. This could have turned out better if only you would inform yourself. But I’m out worried about that.

        A) I am not “trolling Christians.” You guys are so busy putting your fairytale, mythological nonsense out in the world everyday and use it to criticize, demean, and persecute others; I feel compelled to respond from time to time, especially when the Biblical nonsense gets really crazy and often offends people less than equipped to defend themselves.

        B) If I were you, I’d pick up a book or two – not the Bible of course – and figure out the differences between “gay” and “transgender”. I think you might find they are, in fact, quite different. So when I mentioned my ignorance on the matter and spoke of the Christian’s repulsive record with gay children, men, women, whatever, you were quite out of your depth. Gay children are only suffering at the hands of the religious because of the way they were born, i.e., in your phony balcony parlance, the way your god made them. They aren’t “created” by rape, or sexual assault, they are simply born that way. I can’t think of anything more reprehensible then persecuting them for that but if you give me a few more minutes to read your ignorant rant here, I just might.

        C) Your argument on euthanasia is a simple matter of how it is legalized and the parameters placed around it. I am not for allowing the mentally ill, for example, or young people to decide on whether to take their own lives unilaterally; that would be lunacy. I am simply for allowing a legal major person with a terminal and horribly painful disease to end their own suffering on their own. I don’t care what the Canadians or the Belgians are doing, I think we can work out a reasonable and humane law on our own. Yes, you would put down a cat that was suffering horrible pain from cancer, why wouldn’t you for a human being with no chance of recovery, or endless suffering? That’s just repugnant. And you from a religion that has a history of exterminating people that don’t EXACTLY agree with your beliefs! What do you call that? This might be the single greatest reason for atheism: the amount of needless suffering in the world tolerated by your phony deity.

        Maybe next time, if you like, you could actually read and understand my position. I cherish life, of all kinds, yes, animals included, but none more than human life. Your assertions about atheists are nothing more than religious lies while you hide behind the facade of the righteous. Your big problem is that we – atheists, people of reason and rational belief – are able to see right through it and call you out on it.


      6. RaPaR,

        [And you from a religion that has a history of exterminating people that don’t EXACTLY agree with your beliefs! What do you call that? This might be the single greatest reason for atheism: the amount of needless suffering in the world tolerated by your phony deity.]

        You should really take your own advice and read some books–preferably some history or science books that actual tell the truth without a liberal bent. Truthful history books would tell you it’s atheists who have shed the most blood throughout history, especially under the flag of socialism/communism with doctrines from their unholy scripture known as the Communist Manifesto. It has been the inspiration of every bloody regime from Lenin to Stalin to Mao to North Korea’s Kim clan to Pol Pot all the way up to today’s Maduro in Venezuela and Xi in China. The Bible clearly states people who murder will not inherit the kingdom of God. So if you’re referring to the Crusades, you’re as ignorant of history as you are of science. The Crusades were run by the bloodthirsty Vatican. They’re fake Christians whose doctrines don’t even follow what the Bible says. Furthermore, your atheist cohorts throughout history have murdered more people than the Crusades ever did, numbering in the tens of millions. It’s really your false religion of atheism that has caused the most suffering. You people are so shameless that avowed atheist socialists like Putin pose as Christians and misquote the Bible to intentionally frame the Christian faith.

        [‘…figure out the differences between “gay” and “transgender”’]

        Typical liberal-speak from those who set aside truth and science to advance their twisted narrative. People cannot change their chromosomes or genetic makeup that says they’re either male or female. That’s Biology 101. And people aren’t born homosexual. They choose it. You people know they choose it, which is why you hate what you call “conversion therapy.” Some of them choose it from being influenced by sexual assault they suffered as a minor. Others are taught it under other circumstances. A male who claims to be female is just a homosexual who wants to pretend to be female using a twisted philosophy to justify his ungodly lust for other males. Females who claim to be males are just lesbians trying to use a twisted philosophy to justify their ungodly lust for other females. This whole fake idea of “transgender” is nothing more than a lie perpetrated by occultists–>

        The fact that you’re arguing in favor of such perverted lifestyles or the unscientific beliefs about “transgenders” just proves my original point about atheists. They falsely claim to be all about science until the “transgender” topic comes up and they ignore the scientific fact that people can only be either male or female and cannot switch genders. So thanks for showing yourself to be the liar that you are. And you pathological liars wonder why people don’t trust you atheists.

        Your atheist doctrines of euthanasia/medical-assisted suicide have always been based on your murderous bloodlust from the get go. You diminish human lives down to dollars and cents, which is why you people promote abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia using your empty arguments of being “merciful” as a cover for just wanting people to die whenever and however they inconvenience you. You ignore any medical advances that can ease people’s pain until they die naturally, which is as deceptive and pathetic as Dr. Fauci and the losers at the CDC or WHO forcing medical professionals to ignore therapeutic treatments like HCQ cocktails or ivermectin that cure people from COVID. Luciferian bunch of liars is who you really are. “The fool has said in his heart, There is no God.” And your comments display just how much of a hell-bound fool you are shamelessly proud of being.


      7. You know what, Harry? You are the absolute consummate ignoramus. You’re most recent diatribe proves why we can never allow the religious morons to control the country. You have the brains that Nature put in the most simple of multi-cell creatures. Almost everything you said here is not only wrong, it is amazingly ignorant and demonstrates the stultifying stupidity that religion facilitates!

        I think I’ll just let you steep in your stupidity, let you stick out your chest and say “Look at me! This is what my religion stands for!” For me, I think I’ll print this out, your “Statement of Stupidity”, for my kids. I’m sure they’ll get a real laugh out of it already!

        I hope you’re not a teacher or have any influence over our youth! That would be a crime.


      8. The history of atheists shedding innocent blood of millions of people speaks for itself, RaPaR. If you think I’m an ignoramus for pointing out the occultism within the “lgbtq+” crowd and the denial of scientific facts that go with the false idea of “transgender” then that speaks volumes about your lack of logic and hate for truth.


      9. Truth? You mean like the man that was born from a virgin? That was executed and came back to life? That’s your zest for “truth” Harry? That’s your zest for mythology which, by the way Harry, is anything BUT truth. It’s nonsense, fake, made up by men for men, the greatest Ponzi scheme ever invented.

        Have fun with your “truth” Harry. I wish you well.


      10. RaPaR,

        “It’s nonsense, fake, made up by men for men, the greatest Ponzi scheme ever invented” says the dude who denies that babies in the womb are human despite their DNA proving they’re human and the dude who ascribes to the greatest Ponzi scheme known as socialism where socialist leaders make up excuses to rape, rob, loot, and murder to be at the top.

        “It’s nonsense, fake, made up by men for men, the greatest Ponzi scheme ever invented” says the dude who dismisses the scientific fact that male or female is determined by immutable chromosomes—a denial to promote the lie people can be “transgender.” If a hell-bound fool, a deceived deceiver like you lacks such scientific knowledge or lacks reasoning to recognize how immoral and unjust socialism is, your assessment of the truth about Jesus Christ and the Bible can’t be trustworthy.


      11. RaPaR,

        You’ve had plenty of opportunities to make your case in this debate but chose to waste both our time with lies in response to what I’ve said so consider this conversation done. Don’t bother responding. Bye bye now.


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