Prayers Answered!: Kyle Rittenhouse Found Not Guilty

In my opinion, it was a case that never should have darkened the doors of a courtroom. A teenager with a history of being humanitarian used his constitutional rights (First Amendment) to travel freely in America from one city to another to help other people in the summer of 2020. While there to render aid to people and their property, he was targeted and attacked by several grown men with violent criminal histories. He desperately tried to flee confrontation even while exercising his constitutional rights (Second Amendment) to carry a weapon. Yet, the criminals, some of whom were involved in rioting and looting, tried to do him bodily harm. So he defended himself, a God-given right of all human beings.

He was a victim of physical assault crimes, but that didn’t stop the fake mainstream media, Democrats, liberals, anti-gun rights advocates, overzealous law enforcement officers, and misguided prosecutors from making Kyle Rittenhouse a victim for a second time. Using libelous labels against him like “white supremacist” and “mass murderer,” they assumed their hit job and intimidation tactics would prevail to land him in jail, at least for life. But as prayers went up for Kyle (mine included) a slow path toward hope began to unfold for him. Rittenhouse was released on bail, acquired donations and funds to get a formidable legal team, and was assigned to a judge concerned about the Constitution and rule of law.

Though the prosecutors/persecutors tried all kinds of underhanded tricks that can be deemed as prosecutorial misconduct–from withholding evidence to injecting evidence into the trial that was ordered not to be discussed–their efforts failed in the end. The race-baiting of TV talking heads, like MSNBC’s Joy Reid, failed. Rittenhouse, an American hero, has gotten the justice of an acquittal that he deserves. I pray that this ordeal (which would be a huge emotional and psychological burden for a full-grown adult, let alone a teenager) will only serve to make Rittenhouse stronger and that God’s hand will continue to be with him, especially for the salvation of his soul if that hasn’t happened already.

The culmination of this trial has shown me in real time and real life that the Lord still has some good things in store for America. Even when people steal elections to hold positions and to be in places where they don’t legitimately belong (like the interloper in the White House or some people in Congress or certain governors) and even when loud voices scream at those of us who stand for righteousness to join them in calling evil good and good evil, this Rittenhouse case is proof that the fight against the ungodly is worth it in the end.

Thus saith the Lord, In an acceptable time have I heard thee, and in a day of salvation have I helped thee… Isaiah 49:8

3 thoughts on “Prayers Answered!: Kyle Rittenhouse Found Not Guilty

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  1. You are a disgusting human being, if you I can even be called a human being.

    A crazy, privileged white boy travels to another city with an ASSAULT RIFLE, made for the sole purposes of killing people, shoots and kills two UNARMED people carrying out their CONSTITUTIONAL ENDOWED rights to protest and walks free from the law!

    I can only hope this never happens to you. then we’ll see how lenient you are, you pig.

    And you’re supposedly a Christian? THAT IS A LAUGH! Jesus must been rolling with laughter right now, I AM SURE!


    1. RaPaR,

      Your comment is typical of brainwashed leftist atheists lacking critical thinking skills and full of hypocrisy. Stop being such a lemming or sheeple. Rittenhouse, like all of us, had the right to bear arms. Several grown men who all were felons attacked Rittenhouse, a kid with no criminal record, without provocation as they celebrated rioting, vandalism, and looting.

      Given your atheism it’s no surprise you would defend criminals, one of whom was also a convicted pedophile. And your past comments defending murderous socialists or atheist defense of euthanasia to kill the defenseless is beyond reprehensible.

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  2. As I said previously, you are a disgusting person, very comfortable lying through your teeth. The men Rittenhouse MURDERED were NOT felons, you made that up to justify their murders. Very simply, he had no business traveling to another city to “defend” an area he had zero interest in. He even admitted it himself that traveling there was “probably a bad idea.”

    I’m sure Jesus would be really proud of you for advocating for a murderer and to bear arms that are useful for nothing else but killing people. But then when you believe in an invisible man in the sky, and people rising from the dead, walking on water, all from a book written by a bunch of ancient ignorami, I supposed you can believe anything.


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