The Value and Quality of Our Faith Must Rest in the Lord Himself

When the Lord Jesus Christ came to Earth to carry out his ministry of salvation to sinful mankind, one thing he made clear is that following him is an individual decision. Each person presented with the gospel of Jesus Christ must decide for themselves whether or not they will choose Christ. If they choose him, it is then up to each individual believer to nurture their personal relationship with the Lord. How close they are to the Lord depends on how well they listen to and follow God’s word and the Holy Spirit.

Yes, we are called to also contribute to and reap benefits from the body of Christ as a whole, but our faith starts with and is built on the idea of individual responsibility to and from the Lord himself. I was recently reminded of the importance of this principle when I came across this article by Peter Smith in the Philadelphia Inquirer entitled, “Many religious leaders in the United States say no to endorsing vaccine exemptions.” Several leaders of various “Christian” groups stated that there are no religious exemptions that people from their religious group can claim for declining the COVID vaccine. Among the strongest statements made was by Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church of Dallas, a well-known megachurch. Jeffress stated that the leaders and church staff at First Baptist are “neither offering nor encouraging members to seek religious exemptions from the vaccine mandates.” He went further to say, “There is no credible religious argument against the vaccines. Christians who are troubled by the use of a fetal cell line for the testing of the vaccines would also have to abstain from the use of Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, Ibuprofen, and other products that used the same cell line if they are sincere in their objection.”

Jeffress seems to have placed himself in too high of a position with this statement, coming across as if he is the one who determines the value or quality of a believer’s sincerely held beliefs. The value or quality of religious beliefs pertaining to how a Christian treats their body is between them and the Lord since our bodies are God’s temple. Pertaining to the COVID vaccines, a Christian has freedom to choose whether or not to take it just like they have the freedom to choose whether or not they will eat meat or drink wine as Paul discussed at length in Romans 14. As Paul said in Romans 14:4, “Who art thou that judgest another man’s servant? to his own master he standeth or falleth.” Thus, on such matters, Paul refused to take a side as to whose religious exemption to any food or drink was the more valid. Jeffress should follow Paul’s example and remain neutral.

By Jeffress practically ridiculing the idea of religious exemptions for government mandates on this vaccine, he essentially is endorsing the idea that a government has the right to act as a doctor or as God or as the owner of an individual’s body to force them against their will to put something into their bodies. This is an idea that neither Christ himself nor his apostles would ever endorse. They made it clear in their New Testament writings that Christian leaders were never to act as lords over our faith, our personal relationship with God, as Jeffress and other religious leaders are doing by claiming religious exemptions to this vaccine aren’t valid. These scriptures, in fact, invalidate their invalidation of religious exemptions:

42 But Jesus called them to him, and saith unto them, Ye know that they which are accounted to rule over the Gentiles exercise lordship over them; and their great ones exercise authority upon them.

43 But so shall it not be among you: but whosoever will be great among you, shall be your minister:

44 And whosoever of you will be the chiefest, shall be servant of all. Mark 10

23 Moreover I call God for a record upon my soul, that to spare you I came not as yet unto Corinth.

24 Not for that we have dominion over your faith, but are helpers of your joy: for by faith ye stand. 2 Corinthians 1

Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly; not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind;

Neither as being lords over God’s heritage, but being examples to the flock. 1 Peter 5

Furthermore, a religious exemption could be considered valid when it comes to health concerns that these vaccines obviously raise if one has paid attention to all the harmful side effects in the VAERS database where vaccine harms are noted. John in 3 John 2 taught that we should want to prosper and be in health even as our soul prospers, which means we should take care of our bodies. These vaccines, according to scientific peer-reviewed studies, have toxic substances and toxic nanoparticulates that have the potential of being harmful in many cases and in some cases fatal. Since they are patented, the Big Pharma companies who made the vaccines aren’t even required to list everything the vaccines contain. But what Dr. Robert Young and others have discovered is that these COVID vaccines have graphene oxide nanobots (which can be triggered by electromagnetic fields to cause blood clotting and generate spiked proteins that can affect all organs), Trypanosoma cruzi (a potentially lethal parasite that contributes to AIDS), “Poly-ethylene glycol (PEG) and ethylene alcohol … both known as carcinogenic and genotoxic”, just to name a few. So the fact they all used fetal cells from an aborted baby to develop their vaccines shouldn’t be the only concern of religious exemptions.

I said all of that to conclude with this–no government mandate, no religious leaders or religious bodies (whether Lutheran, Greek Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, Baptist, etc. who are discouraging religious exemptions), no employer, or any doctor has the right to force anyone to get any COVID vaccine and to downplay or dismiss the notion of your personal, sincerely-held religious beliefs. Your body belongs to both you and God in a partnership where he is the majority partner. Yes, doctors should be consulted, but ultimately the decision whether or not to get vaccinated belongs to you in light of your own relationship with God. Our immutable God-given freedoms and faith should never be subject to anyone’s fearmongering, falsehoods, or fickle feelings.

To learn more on steps you can take to protect yourself and your health during this phase of heightened tyranny over COVID, click the image below to see what two God-fearing doctors have to say.

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  1. Good post on this heated issue. I try to stay out of arguments but I agree with your assertions, esp
    “Your body belongs to both you and God in a partnership where he is the majority partner.”
    As s “living sacrifice” He is indeed the Majority Partner.
    Thank you brother for bringing clarity to this topic.

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