Radio Hostess Kate Dalley Tells More About Refusing Hospital/NIH COVID Protocol To Help Her Sick Husband

Last night, September 15, radio and TV host Brannon Howse asked radio hostess Kate Dalley to be a guest on his show to discuss further about her ordeal with a hospital when her husband became sick with pneumonia. Her account of the situation went viral in August and I highlighted her video in this previous post. Since that time, Dalley has done more research to discover more about why the hospital gave her a somewhat difficult time when she demanded treatments that went against the hospital’s protocol pushed on them by the National Institute of Health (NIH). Among the things that Dalley discovered is that a federal law called the PREP Act was quietly amended by Congress last year to give immunity from lawsuits to hospitals over COVID only if they follow the NIH’s protocol. It’s a protocol that has often been ineffective and highlights the horrors of what can happen when the government tries to run healthcare, forcing their way into the doctor-patient relationship. Brannon Howse gave Dalley an hour to share her story. The audio version is below while the hourlong video version can be seen if you click the image below to take you to the website.

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