5 Bible Verses Christian Apologists Should Understand

Christian apologist Bobby Conway of One Minute Apologist Ministries just released this 25-minute practical video today. In the video, he takes time to discuss five Bible verses dealing with five situations that often come up when we as Christians are put in a position to understand, explain, and defend our faith. Despite Conway explaining most of the topics well, I would point out that when he gets to number three of the verses he covers, he calls into question the validity of the King James Version.

He states the Dead Sea Scrolls include older manuscripts than the Textus Receptus (TR). That’s what they teach in seminary, but it isn’t true. The TR is a collection of manuscripts where some pre-date the Dead Sea scrolls while others don’t. Furthermore, the age of manuscripts isn’t what determines Biblical or spiritual accuracy. We have the prophet Jeremiah as proof of that. When Jeremiah’s assistant Baruch gave Jeremiah’s written words from God to one of the servants of the king to read to the king of Judah in Jeremiah 36, the king cut it up and burned it. But God had Jeremiah write the words over again and the Lord added more words than what Jeremiah originally wrote. The older one was destroyed, but the newer one was just as accurate and valid. There’s also the case of Moses destroying the original tablets that had the 10 commandments, but God wrote the words out all over again later with new tablets that were equally accurate and valid. God always works to preserve his word on Earth and the KJV, his preserved word in English, is unparalleled in its accuracy.

Overall, this is a good video.

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  1. Harry, you said, “The TR is a collection of manuscripts where some pre-date the Dead Sea scrolls”. Are you able to provide documentation of specific TR manuscripts which predate the Dead Sea Scrolls?


    1. Hi, Terry.

      I kind of rushed through that part of my explanation. I also should have mentioned that Conway confuses the issue a bit when he mentions the Dead Sea scrolls and the end of Mark 16 in the same context as the critical text. The critical text is different. The Dead Sea scrolls only cover the Old Testament and cannot be viewed as bearing influence on Mark 16 or any other New Testament writings since Mark & the NT weren’t even written yet during the time of the Essenes who had the Dead Sea scrolls. And the Dead Sea scrolls which cover the OT books agree with what we see in TR and the KJV. I said what I did above in my post to generally point out Conway uses an inaccurate argument in that part of the video.

      The critical text is a collection of manuscripts (Mss) that questions some of the OT & NT texts. They include Mss from Alexandrian, Latin, and Coptic (Ethiopian) sources. When I have time later, I’ll specifically give examples that answer your specific question about documentation.


    2. Terry,

      Since there are thousands of existing Majority Text (TR) manuscripts and 230 Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls, I can’t provide an exhaustive list. However, here are just a few examples. The Samaritan Pentateuch (300s BC) of the TR pre-dates most of the Biblical Dead Sea scrolls. The Nash Papyrus (2nd-1st century BC) of the TR pre-dates some of the Genesis, Isaiah, and Psalms Dead Sea scrolls. The Silver Ketef Hinnom Scrolls (7th century-6th century BC) which recite passages from Numbers pre-dates all Dead Sea Scrolls. To see the dates of the Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls and a designation of the time periods they fall in see these links:

      Other sources:

      Why the Dead Sea Scrolls should not be the measuring stick of accuracy for what publishers put in Bibles–> https://www.avpublications.com/avnew/downloads/PDF/q8.pdf


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