There’s A Method to Their Madness and the Goal is Global Governance

While some news propagandists who are supporters of the Joe Biden administration have surprisingly criticized his Afghanistan debacle and news commentators who never liked him or his policies have called him incompetent, there’s more at play here. Yes, Biden is a hot mess when it comes to his mental faculties, but the decisions and actions he is being told to take by his puppet masters with the devastating results of those decisions are all calculated and done rather purposefully. There’s a method to their madness which runs counter to the common sense of people who care about human life, morality, law and order, and ethics.

You can look at history going back to only the 1990s to see some common threads arising. Or if you care to, you can even go further back than that to see the patterns. Since the 1990s, various leaders of nations and the news propagandists have done things to prop up and promote two geopolitical systems–socialism/communism and Islamism. Whether it’s leaders in the EU, Latin America, or North America, presidents, prime ministers, or parliamentarians, most of them (except for a few who oppose such nonsense like Trump or Viktor Orban of Hungary) have directly or indirectly helped socialism/communism and/or Islamism. Why is that?

The simple answer is that globalists (primarily “liberal” atheists and Luciferians) who have their sights set on establishing one world government consider socialism and Islamism as the main tools to use that can bring it into existence. Several of them have openly expressed or implied this in their writings. So when Obama freed terrorists and betrayed Americans at Benghazi or Pope Francis demands EU nations take in illegal Muslim migrants (some of whom believe in jihad), or prime ministers of EU nations welcome in such migrants, or Biden gaslights America with the “everything is fine in Afghanistan” line while he betrays tens of thousands of Americans left there and arms the Taliban, and Soros, the Rockefellers, and Rothschilds fund such actions, it’s all part of their pro-socialism and pro-Islamism plans to build up global governance.

One person who subscribed to and promoted such ideas was Bertrand Russell. The British philosopher, mathematician, and Freemason expressed this general plan over a hundred years ago in the following words:

There is an evil which I have seen under the sun, as an error which proceedeth from the ruler: Folly [foolishness, bad judgment] is set in great dignity… Ecclesiates 10:5-6a

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