Having the Assurance That Genesis is Literal and Historical

Christian theologian Douglas Kelly discusses interesting facts from the book of Genesis in this 23-minute video released on June 29, 2021. He debunks the idea that Genesis was meant to be poetry or allegorical. He also dispels the idea of Genesis having two contradictory accounts of creation, upholds the idea of six literal days of creation, explains why theistic evolution (old Earth theories) fly in the face of God’s truths, and how the genealogies support the idea of a young Earth.

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  1. This is willful ignorance. Nothing more. Talking snakes? Flood that kills everyone but one family? I mean, really. how much is this guy profiting on this nonsense? Hmmmmm.


    1. @RaPaR, when you speak of willful ignorance, you’re projecting. You’ve refused to look at the scientific evidence in the fossil record which shows a worldwide flood happened. You also choose to ignore the fact that a significantly large number of Bible prophecy has come true, verifying the Bible is reliable and true. What does it really say about a person when they ignore the fact the Bible predicted in the last days that governments would be murderously corrupt and it happens? Or that rulers would seek to form a worldwide government and it’s happening little by little? Or the predictions that persecution of Christians and Jews would be common, and it’s happening? Or the Bible prophecies that the last days would have the majority of people into the occult and other non-Christian religions, and it occurs? Look into your mirror and you’ll see a stark example of willful ignorance.


      1. Actually, no Biblical prophecy has ever come true. It’s very easy to make prophecy look like the truth when it’s written hundreds or even a thousand years after the fact. We KNOW (as in, that’s FACT) that Genesis wasn’t written until the 7th century BCE. Anyone could predict something that happened in the past. And tell me, when WEREN’T governments corrupt, wars and rumors of wars, storms, earthquakes, etc., a part of common history. And your assertion that Christians are being persecuted is a figment of your very colorful imagination. (Even if it weren’t, how would that not be a perfectly legitimate response to the 1800 or 1600 years that Christians persecuted everyone else? It’s not even close.) And since when does a MAJORITY of people belong to the occult? Last time I reviewed populations of the world by religion the so-called “occult believers” hardly even showed up on the scale! You really need to read a bit more of something other than the Bible. And don’t even try to go to the archeological record it will only serve to pan your arguments. There’s nothing in the record that supports the Exodus, Joshua’s conquest of Canaan, or almost anything else. In fact, in the archeological record Yahweh is a very ancient old Canaanite god along with his consort, Asherah that was already ancient when the Israelites stole him from the Canaanites.

        But let’s get back to the issue at hand; the ridiculous notion that Genesis is to be taken literal. The six-day creation of the world is just laughable (I’m not even going to try to take it seriously.) Just answer my question: how much money is this guy (or you) making on the sale of this nonsense you’ve been selling to the masses for TWO THOUSAND YEARS, that has STILL NOT taken place. You are just hosing your sheeples and they deserve it for listening to such drivel.


      2. @RaPaR,
        It never ceases to amuse me how people of the atheist religion like you tell your lies knowing they are lies and then play pretend to claim your lies are true simply because you think your atheist religion is okay with such deceptions. Maybe there are people gullible enough to fall for that, but I’m not one of them. What’s just as bad is when you conjure up assumptions or you parrot the assumptions of other ignorant atheists and tell them as if they’re facts when you’re too lazy to do your own homework. It shows you people don’t care about facts and that you prefer lies because your lies help you feel comfortable about your sins.

        The 7th century BCE is the date of a Genesis manuscript. It’s a copy, NOT the original. It’s woefully ignorant of you to equate that date as being the same as when Genesis was originally written, especially since archaeologists have not completed all archaeological digs in the Middle East. As a matter of fact, they have discovered a Hebrew writing dating back to the 10th century BCE that uses language similar to language found in the Old Testament–> https://www.livescience.com/8008-bible-possibly-written-centuries-earlier-text-suggests.html

        None of that matters to you since atheists don’t care about truth or facts. The book of Daniel in several places uses a dialect specific to the dialect that only existed in the ancient tablets of the Babylonian Chronicles recorded by the kings of Babylon in the 600s BCE and 500s BCE which confirms it was written while Daniel eyewitnessed the events–> https://evidenceforchristianity.org/my-university-prof-claims-daniel-was-written-after-ad-164-and-is-fake-prophecy-comment/. But the oldest manuscript of Daniel dates back to 150 BCE. This means the book’s existence is older than the manuscript. It also means it was written before the empires of Persia, Greece, and Rome existed. That means Daniel predicted those empires would arise before they came to be. But those are truths and facts which fly in the face of your ignorant atheist assumptions, so you couldn’t care less about how true they are.

        You’re so ignorant you can’t even get facts about the Crusades, or Yahweh, or Asherah correct. The Crusades were done by the Vatican, not Christians. They were done to not only fight violent, criminal Muslims (who you’re defending by default), but to also persecute Jews and real Christians who refused to bow to the fake Christianity of the Vatican. Baal was the actual Canaanite god whose consort was Asherah, but when Israel turned away from Yahweh to paganism, they tried to equate Baal with Yahweh and that’s one reason Yahweh eventually let Israel be destroyed. So you’ve made false assumptions again since you don’t know the Bible or the secular historical record that confirms what the Bible says. Facts and truth are inconvenient things to atheists blinded by their rage against all things Biblical.


      3. You just LOVE to make up your own facts which is typical of the ridiculous, er, I mean the religious. Also, you don’t seem to be able to present an argument without getting insulting and nasty so Ill drop off of this thread for now. Maybe if anything you were say was true, that wouldn’t be the case. WE (atheists) don’t have to do that, we have the facts on our side, you have surmise, superstition, and GIANT leaps of “faith”. Good luck with that. You STILL haven’t answered my question: how much money are you and Mr. Literal Genesis making on this scam? You’re not the first, you won’t be the last. Keep fleecing those sheeples!

        Wallow in your ignorance as is the custom and history of the religious sheeples. Enjoy your life, I adore mine.

        P.S. Hey, Sherlock. Atheism is NOT a religion not matter how many times you say it.


      4. Religion: (4) a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith.

        Faith: 2(b)(1) firm belief in something for which there is no proof (2) complete trust; 3 : something that is believed especially with strong conviction.

        By definition, RaPaR, atheism is in fact a religion. You should really investigate harder to get your facts straight. Oh, I forgot–atheists don’t care about fact. They major in assumptions and deceptions, then disguise them as facts.


      5. Is English your first language by some chance? We do NOT hold a “firm belief” in anything supernatural or lacking ANY (even a scintilla) of evidence Goober. No evidence = No belief.

        We do NOT believe in a supernatural dimension or any deity. NO belief necessary. No dogma, no belief in something for which there is NO proof, for example, “god”, What part of that do you not get?

        And I have plenty of religious experience, Harry, more than I’d care to think about. You are the one that needs to broaden your horizons. All we have are facts; all you have is wild, baseless, conjecture, and supernatural baseless speculation.

        As I said, I am checking out. Aim your derision at someone that deserves it, like your simple-minded followers.


      6. If you actually read the dictionary definitions, RaPaR, you would’ve seen religion doesn’t require belief in the supernatural. Duh! You liberals are always redefining words to mean something different than what they actually mean.

        You even fail to recognize that your reply to the definition of religion is a statement of beliefs that you hold to with ardor. In other words it’s a religion. And if you only believed in what can be proven by evidence then why are you in favor of abortion when the evidence proves abortion is murdering humans as you deny they’re human?


      7. God is something we DON’T believe in, not sure why you’re not getting this but I’ll not surprised either. You believers make up your own facts all the time, why not now. There is “NO STATEMENT OF BELIEF” We DO NOT acknowledge the existence of anything without proof.

        However, if it makes your feeble little mind feel better, then ok, you’re right.


      8. Anyone who has a basic understanding of the English language dictionary definition of “religion” can see that atheism is a religion, a belief system that you follow with ardor and faith. You believe it’s okay to murder unborn humans because your faith says they’re not human even though the facts say they are. You believe that God doesn’t exist because you have faith in the interpretation of science that claims he doesn’t exist while ignoring scientific facts proving he does exist. You believe with ardor and faith that evolution is correct despite evidence that shows life forms and celestial bodies have designs to them, not random chance. For some reason you lack the intelligence to recognize your religion as religion.


      9. You know there, “man of god” (I’m being sarcastic; look it up in your d***-tionary) you’re really starting to piss me off. First, you don’t know your a** from your elbow about me anymore than you know anything about your religion; even that phony, millenniums-old mythological scam you call Christianity. You are a sheep; a mindless follower of ridiculous nonsense. That’s on you. Apparently, you don’t really understand English either; that’s also on you. You see what YOU CHOOSE to see, nothing more. If you weren’t so spineless you might venture out in the world and look for real answers, instead you’ll cling to a inane mythology which – time and tome again – has been repudiated, refuted, and disproved.

        I am not an adherent of abortion; it was never a solution for my wife or I. But you wouldn’t know that because you’re a simpleton as demonstrated by the simplistic, juvenile ideology to which you continue to hold. If befits you. Simple beliefs for a simpleton. A match made in……oh goodness; heaven! Perfect!


      10. RaPaR,

        You were the one who started trolling me. If you don’t like it when Christians refuse to put up with your trolling and give sound and sensible responses with sources, then don’t troll, don’t respond, and move on to something else. Simple as that.


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