Christian Parents Sue School District Re: Lessons Praising BLM, “White Fragility”

After months of trying to reason with school officials in the East Penn School District about a curriculum being taught to their kids, Maureen and Christopher Brophy felt they had no recourse left except to sue the school district in federal court this week. The trouble started when their kids objected to being taught lessons in class that utterly vilified all white people as racist as it praised the Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization. The lessons, of course, were on the heels of months of rioting, looting, and bloodshed stoked by BLM and their cohorts Antifa which were broadcast on TV and the Internet.

School officials and teachers were apparently dismissive of the kids’ complaints at Emmaus High School, so the parents stepped in with emails and letters. They, as Christians, objected to their kids being taught such topics as “systemic racism,” “white privilege,” “police brutality,” Black Lives Matter, and the oppressiveness of “religion.” The lessons often used Robin DiAngelo’s book, White Fragility, as the main text. The book shot to the top of bestsellers lists last year thanks to corporations and universities who wanted to be more “woke” by painting all white people as oppressors in their seminars and college courses. The Brophys wanted their kids exempted from such lessons, stating that the lessons violated their religious views as Christians.

The parents accurately stated that the Black Lives Matter organization has openly expressed hostility against Christianity. They also objected to police brutality videos highlighting the Breonna Taylor case which had viewpoints they objected to as Christians. In February, the school district superintendent denied their repeated requests to exempt their kids, then banned the parents from communicating with the teachers. Citing religious discrimination, emotional distress, and other psychological harms, the parents filed suit for undisclosed damages.

When DiAngelo’s book hit the top of the bestsellers lists in 2020, Tucker Carlson and author/journalist Matt Taibbi, among others, voiced objections soon afterwards to White Fragility (see their videos below). They view it not only as racism against white people, but also as subtle racism against blacks since DiAngelo depicts us black folks as perpetual victims who don’t have the means or intelligence to create our own opportunities for success.

It’s good to see that there are still parents who are engaged enough in their kids’ lives who are willing to defend them against the pervasive corruption in society. I hope and pray their efforts will pay off.

Source: Mike Stunson, School lessons on Black Lives Matter are anti-Christian, parents say in PA lawsuit, Charlotte Observer, June 17, 2021.

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