Compromises With the World Eventually Unravel at a High Cost

The story of how both Israel and Judah ended up as a failed civilization in the Bible is a sad story and a shocking story, but it is a human story similar to many other situations that we have seen unfold in history as well as in our time. Ezekiel was one of many prophets tasked by God to confront his people about their overwhelming evil. Chapter 23 of his writings is one of the more shocking accounts of what the majority of people in Israel and Judah were doing.

In that chapter, the Lord figuratively referred to them as sisters named Aholah (Samaria, Israel) and Aholibah (Jerusalem, Judah). They had a self-centered, callous character which led them to commit many evils. Here’s a sample of what the Lord said about them:

36 The Lord said moreover unto me; Son of man, wilt thou judge Aholah and Aholibah? yea, declare unto them their abominations;

37 That they have committed adultery, and blood is in their hands, and with their idols have they committed adultery, and have also caused their sons, whom they bare unto me, to pass for them through the fire, to devour them.

38 Moreover this they have done unto me: they have defiled my sanctuary in the same day, and have profaned my sabbaths.

39 For when they had slain their children to their idols, then they came the same day into my sanctuary to profane it; and, lo, thus have they done in the midst of mine house.

40 And furthermore, that ye have sent for men to come from far, unto whom a messenger was sent; and, lo, they came: for whom thou didst wash thyself, paintedst thy eyes, and deckedst thyself with ornaments,

41 And satest upon a stately bed, and a table prepared before it, whereupon thou hast set mine incense and mine oil.

42 And a voice of a multitude being at ease was with her: and with the men of the common sort were brought Sabeans from the wilderness, which put bracelets upon their hands, and beautiful crowns upon their heads.

Notice how God commanded Ezekiel to pass judgment on them. In this case, judging them meant “declare unto them their abominations.” We need to remember there are times when God calls on us to make judgments by doing this same thing. It requires us to ignore people who misquote Christ’s words when they tell us, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” What we see laid out in these verses is that these people who were blessed by God insulted him by despising his doctrines, threw away their self-respect and dignity, and betrayed their own children, all in fruitless attempts to gain what they mistakenly thought would be personal, self-centered advantages.

They were so dismissive of God that they went to the Lord’s house of worship right after participating in the most wicked idolatrous practices of their day–placing their own kids on fiery altars as human sacrifices. Thus, they defiled God’s sanctuary, making him look bad and tarnishing his good name. To add insult to injury, they then played the whore, using what God blessed them with (incense and oil) as a means to seduce the common dregs of society into giving them material things. Samaria and Jerusalem played the harlot (v. 44) by making compromises with ungodly strangers living in an ungodly wilderness.

At the end of the chapter, God renders the verdict to punish them by removing them from off the land he gave to them. Compromising and flirting with the world would leave them as materially bankrupt as they were spiritually bankrupt. It would be a cost beyond what they imagined could happen.

We can learn several things from their situation, such as:

  • God will eventually confront wicked habits of wicked people full-force if they refuse to repent.
  • It’s best for God to expose the transgressions of the wicked while they are alive to give them the opportunity to change in this life before they face a worse judgment after death.
  • It’s good for the Lord to carry out his verdicts and punishment openly so that all men can be warned that they need to repent and humbly submit to the righteous God by faith in the Lord Jesus or face the consequences.
  • Parents, especially those who name the name of Christ, should never betray their children to appease the wicked of this world for selfish advantage. We are seeing this type of shamefulness play out today when females in the church secretly and unjustifiably get abortions. Or when “Christian” parents have no problem with their kids being unequally yoked with unbelievers if it raises their social status. Or when they sell their young sons out to the “gay rights” movement to be “LGBT” (including drag queens) for their own personal gain.
  • No one who claims to be Christian should misuse what God blesses them with to selfishly get things from the world of the heathens, whether they be literal or symbolic, like bracelets, crowns, position, social status, money, etc. “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” (Matthew 16:26).

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