Religious Views Affected the Outcome of the Brexit Vote, Says New Study

A study released recently explains how the religious views of British citizens played a significant role in how they voted in the 2016 Brexit election. An overwhelming majority of voters who identified as Anglican voted Leave. The experts believe this is due to the Church of England’s attachment to Great Britain’s national identity and history. It’s also their opinion that Anglicans lean conservative when it comes to changes in social, economic, and political policies that affect the powers or sovereignty of Britain. People who don’t attend church at all, or rarely do, also voted Leave.

The study also found that Catholics and Presbyterians tended to vote Remain. Researchers think Catholics voted Remain since they see themselves as part of a global body headed by the Pope and the Vatican. They tend to identify less with or have less devotion to a particular nation like England. One of the researchers concluded from the study that “There is still a substantial ‘religious vote’ in British politics. Our study shows the nature of a religious vote changes–with formerly strong ties between Labor and Roman Catholics, for example, weakening. The Conservatives, by contrast, have consolidated much support among Christians by growing their Protestant vote and adding Catholics to it.”

To learn more about the study, read Religion played an important role in Britain voting to leave the EU in 2016, research shows by the University of Exeter.


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