“They’ll Come After Bible Characters Next,” Says Fox News’s Bill Hemmer

On Friday, Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer and co-host Dana Perino discussed a Chicago initiative to review the names of statues and landmarks in the city. The guest for the segment was Carley Shimkus. Chicago leaders are trying to show they are “woke” enough to consider the demands of the trained Marxists and terrorists, Black Lives Matter, when it comes to what is displayed throughout the city. When Hemmer and Perino brought up that Abraham Lincoln statues were under scrutiny, Hemmer expressed his suspicions that if they target American presidents, “…they’ll come after Bible characters next…Mark my words.”

Hemmer is correct that activists on the left and Democrats will soon try to do away with Bible characters and, for that matter, anything that relates to the Bible. Their end game is socialism/communism for America with the government and elitists as gods and the common citizen as government dependents/slaves. But what Bill Hemmer missed or forgot is that these people have been targeting Christianity, the Bible, and God for decades in both subtle and blatant ways. The targeting of historical landmarks, statues, Founding Fathers, and Presidents who promoted biblical doctrines is just the most recent display of their anti-God agenda seeking to remove godly principles from the public square.

For decades now, atheists and agnostics (many of them Luciferians/Satan worshipers behind closed doors) have been filing lawsuits against public schools, public bodies like city councils or commissions, and civic organizations for holding to traditions deemed biblical or pro-God in nature. If they’ve had a Bible reading, lawsuits were filed. If there was a moment of prayer, a lawsuit was filed. Since TV airtime topics are rather limited and rushed through, Hemmer is probably unaware of how all this nonsense got started and wouldn’t have had enough time to explain it all if he does know. What we’re seeing today is really nothing different than what happened in ancient Israel and Judah in the Bible. Different times, but the same old human nature and same old tricks of the devil.

The stuff in Chicago and elsewhere that has Hemmer concerned really began in earnest during the late 19th century when several major things were happening simultaneously. Charles Darwin was upending centuries of scientific knowledge advanced by Christians who were scientists (Galileo, Newton, etc.) by promoting evolution. A Jesuit-trained self-loathing man of Jewish heritage, Karl Marx, and his cohort, Friedrich Engels, promoted their Vatican-inspired Communist Manifesto. And fake Christians Westcott and Hort moved forward on a vast campaign to replace any Bible version based on the Textus Receptus in order to water down God’s word and to weaken the church with devilish compromises.

Those efforts, along with agents in places of power to promote those doctrines, eventually spawned the Bolshevik Revolution, the egomaniacs who gave us both World Wars, the Chinese socialist revolutions, the United Nations, the Scopes Trial, the Eugenics Movement with Margaret Sanger taking a lead role, Madalyn Murry O’Hair and her lawsuit urging the US Supreme Court to take adult-led prayer and Bible study out of public schools, Roe v. Wade, socialism in education at all levels, and much more. So here we are with Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the morphing gay rights movements which resulted out of all of it. All along the way to where we are today, Christians and conservatives who stood in opposition to those initiatives eventually caved to what was demanded by the leftists, liberals, and progressives–even to the point of allowing them to change our vocabulary. For example, the words “homosexual”, “sodomite”, “transvestite”, or “cross-dresser” have now been replaced with “transgender” or LGBTQ+ even in Christian and conservative circles.

If those of us who, like Hemmer, are a bit taken aback by what’s happening in Chicago and elsewhere, things will get worse, morally-speaking. Before long, given the ungodly path society is on worldwide, it will become clear that the Lord was spot on about his prophecies for humankind in Revelation and elsewhere. We as humans can be our own worst enemies. That’s why our hope and trust can only be in the Godhead through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In the end, all efforts to try to rid the world of anything and anyone resembling God and his word will fail, even when God’s enemies destroy human civilizations attempting to fulfill their wicked goals. God, his word and its principles, and his people will outlast and triumph over them all.

Prophesy ye not, say they to them that prophesy… Micah 2:6

And he [the beast] opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven. Revelation 13:6

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