When the Son of Man Cometh, Shall He Find Faith on the Earth?

The Lord Jesus asked that question of disciples and unbelievers gathered around him to hear the parable of the widow and the unjust judge in Luke 18. Although the Messiah admitted he didn’t know the day or hour when our Heavenly Father would send him back for his church, I’m inclined to believe he knew the answer to this question since he was the word and knew his words from the Old Testament.

I think the Lord asked this question so that whoever would hear or read his words from that time up until these last days would do some soul searching based on the points he made in the parable. The parable was basically about remaining steadfast in the belief God hears the prayers of his saints, come hell or high water, through thick and thin. Therefore, there’s no need to lose heart (Luke 18:1). But he pointed out that God will answer our prayers on his own timeline and that his remedies would be swift once they manifest themselves even if the time from the prayer to the manifestation takes awhile (Luke 18:7-8).

All in all, he was reassuring his people that God would always remain faithful to them. Yet he wanted them to ponder if anyone in the last days and end times would have faith enough to be persistent and consistent in praying according to his will in the midst of seemingly hopeless trials. Would they be able to withstand the flood of false doctrines and the overwhelming promotion of sinfulness to stay strong in the faith? A search of the scriptures gives the resounding answer of “Yes!” to Christ’s question. There will definitely be faith in the Earth when the Son of man cometh.

We can base that answer on the fact the Psalms repeatedly and prophetically teach us that God’s truth, which is essential in our salvation, endures through all generations of mankind (Psalm 100:5; 117:2). David prophesied in Psalm 72:17 that the name of the Lord would endure forever in the Earth to continue as long as the sun’s presence is in the sky. He went further to pronounce that as long as God’s name was in the Earth, there would be people in all nations calling on him as he blessed them. The Lord also promised in Isaiah 55:11 that as long as his word would go forth (which in the Earth’s case is forever), his word would never return void but accomplish everything he pleased and would prosper. That, of course, would include finding faith on the Earth at the Son of man’s return. This notion is verified in the book of Revelation where we find believers on the Earth during the time of the Antichrist’s reign right before Christ descends from heaven to start his Millennial Kingdom.

With that in mind, for each of us the question now becomes will the Son of man find faith in me if he returns during my lifetime?

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