An Inseparable, Unbreakable Bond With Christ

John 6 is an account between Jesus and his disciples that took place centuries ago, but teaches us a lot about human nature today. It shows us that regardless of what age we find ourselves living in, there will always be people who will exhibit either a spirit of desertion toward Christ or a spirit of devotion toward him.

In that chapter, Jesus had acquired quite a large gathering of disciples, but the time came for him to implement a weeding out process because he knew that many of those disciples weren’t sincere in their beliefs (John 6:64). It could be that the disingenuous among his disciples were following him for only self-centered purposes like using Jesus to gain more societal status and popularity based on desiring the praise of men. So the Lord Jesus used the analogy of being bread and wine to demonstrate how he was the only one who could save them for eternity. His teaching was to point out the fact he was the Son of God directly from heaven and that his calling exceeded and was superior to their Old Testament traditions–traditions that could not save their ancestors (John 6:58).

This was a demand for the disciples to undergo a complete paradigm shift away from everything they thought they knew and every wrong doctrine they grew up learning. However, the disciples who truly didn’t believe in him from their hearts found this total commitment that Jesus expected from them was just too much and too offensive to their traditions. So they walked away from the ministry (John 6:60, 66).

Right after they left, Jesus asked the 12 if they wanted to leave also. Peter answered with this statement of faith–

Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life. And we believe and are sure that thou art that Christ, the Son of the living God. (verses 68-69)

What separated the deserters from the devotees was how they handled two basic things: (1) Jesus Christ’s identity, and (2) Jesus Christ’s words. Those who reject Christ will not accept his true identity as God in the flesh, as Creator, as Lord of heaven and earth. Nor will they accept his words as the only truth that brings eternal life. Devotees to the Lord, in contrast, are committed to the words of the Lord as reliable and infallible and are committed to his identity as the Lord God who is fully God and fully man. They know they can’t go anywhere else to find eternal life that frees people from sin and its ultimate consequences in the afterlife. Nor do they want to go anywhere else.

Therefore, those who walk away from the Lord were never genuine from the start. Those who remain committed to the Lord Jesus to the end are the ones who really have eternal life and are sure that he is the way, the truth, and the life–the only means to get to the Father in heaven. When deserters leave Christ, it’s their loss. When devotees stick with Christ, his word, and Christ’s church, it’s their gain. And God still wins in the end.

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