The Growing Prevalence of Slavery Proves Accuracy of Bible Prophecy

It’s undeniable that we live in a world that continues to create advances that make life easier and more convenient for many of us living on this planet. But for all our advances and hopes of continual improvements, there are still large swaths of humanity who wish to keep ancient, harmful, and downright ungodly traditions alive and thriving. One such tradition is slavery, what we call human trafficking in our day.

Human rights experts estimate that human trafficking is a black market industry that generates over $150 billion dollars each year. And “research shows that human trafficking is reaching epidemic proportions.” Those of us who study Bible prophecy shouldn’t be completely surprised by this, although it’s rather shocking to any of us who care about people since human life is sacred considering we’re all created in God’s image.

Slavery is alluded to in several places in the prophecies of Revelation, such as 6:15, 13:16, 18:13, and 19:18. I can recall as a kid growing up in church how some Bible teachers and skeptics found it difficult to fathom those verses given the fact that during the 1970s and 1980s slavery had been eradicated from existence for a long time. At that time they couldn’t see how it could ever become an issue again since humanity had moved beyond accepting it.

Then the 1990s came and human rights activists discovered slavery was growing again in oppressive nations like Sudan and because of the porn industry. We began to discover mankind was still as depraved as the Lord had predicted in Revelation and suddenly the prophecies about slavery’s prominence in the end times became believable again. Nevertheless, just because the Bible prophesies that certain sins will occur doesn’t mean we as saints should sit by and let them happen without resisting them when they come to our attention. That’s why I donate to evangelical organizations like Shared Hope International to fight modern day slavery. I was reminded of this when I came across this news video today about human trafficking in Utah. It’s an issue I will continue to pray against when I talk to the Lord.


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