The Dead are Still Raised: Miracles Testify of God’s Existence, Mercy, and Grace

Despite the fact we live in an age hell-bent on rebelling against God, the Lord still has enough love, mercy, and grace toward mankind to let us know he’s still around and working for our good. One way he continues to do that is by working outside of the natural laws he established to do amazing, jaw-dropping things–what we call miracles. While naysayers put forth the false ideas that either God isn’t involved in the affairs of men or that he doesn’t exist or he no longer does the miracles recorded in the Bible, Jehovah is releasing wonderful works to dispel such notions.

Recently, God verified that he still raises people from the dead. He also has shown that he still is no respecter of persons, or doesn’t play favorites, just like it says in the scriptures. One such case of the dead being raised occurred in Ukraine where an 83-year-old retired nurse was declared deceased after a relative discovered she had no pulse and called paramedics to her home. They presumed nothing more could be done for her. So her family had a memorial dinner for her, hired a priest for the funeral, and had grave diggers prepare the burial site.

But, lo and behold, 10 hours after being declared dead, Ksenia Didukh had a pulse again. Her cold, lifeless body felt warm again, which they discovered when they were getting ready to move her body. They then rushed her to a nearby hospital and canceled funeral plans as well as tore up the death certificate. Didukh regained consciousness and told of how she had briefly visited heaven before she woke up to see the medical staff surrounding her. One of the lead doctors at the hospital said it was the first time she had ever seen anything like it in her 20 years as a physician.accompanied to heaven

Another occurrence of the dead being raised happened when 59-year-old Alistair Blake of Victoria, Australia, had a fatal heart attack in his sleep. His wife found him with no pulse in the middle of the night at their vacation beach house. She quickly called paramedics and began CPR. When they arrived they tried to revive him for more than an hour with CPR, eight defibrillator shocks, and adrenaline, but he still had no pulse. They were about to tell Alistair’s wife Melinda that there was nothing more that could be done for him when all of a sudden the paramedics saw his chest tremble and he had a pulse. He had been dead for 90 minutes.

He was then rushed into surgery to unblock an artery and days later after other precautions were implemented, they gave him a pacemaker to be on the safe side. He was in the hospital 12 days, but suffered no brain damage or any other impairments after his ordeal. Blake is now back in his career as an accountant as he enjoys a normal life. The medical staff has given him the nickname “Lazarus.”

It’s always amazing and encouraging to hear real life miraculous stories like these. If we are believers in Christ who trust his word, such stories shouldn’t surprise us since God’s word tells us he doesn’t change (Malachi 3:6), that the Lord stays the same even when his creation changes (Psalm 102:26-27), and that the Lord Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Since God remains the same, we can count on the fact that he will do miracles, just like he always has, to give his people hope and to draw the lost to his salvation.


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