Trump’s Message Has Been Consistent for Decades

I know I won’t get any likes for this post, but since the time I started this blog years ago, I’ve made sure I don’t obsess over how many likes I get (given how human nature can be wishy-washy), but on frankly sharing the truth and honest, reliable opinions and information even if the whole world (including family) is against me. So in that spirit I’m sharing this link below to a video banned from YouTube and other places that displays what Donald Trump has said over the decades from his own mouth. The mainstream media tries to hide how consistent Trump has been over the decades with his conservative ideas. I agree with most of what he has said, but not all of it or how he said it, but what can be said is that he hasn’t equivocated. And just for the record, it shows he has never been a racist and has always cared about all Americans. The video is about 26 minutes long.

Correction and update: I was actually able to find the video after several searches on YouTube and although the video has been hidden to some degree on YouTube, it’s still available, so far, so here it is:

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  1. OK, brother. I have tried to keep my mouth shut as your big sister. But, after that snide comment you made about family being “against” you. I have to say something. No one in this family is “against” you. We do not care for Trump and you do, so what? We are all grown and allowed to make our own decisions without hating each other–at least I would think.

    Geesh, what has this world come to with families breaking up or quit speaking to one another because of who they voted for. Last time I looked, this is a free country.

    So, let me reiterate, we are not “against” you, my flesh and blood. Do with this as you will.

    Love, Your Big Sister, Allison


    1. Allison,

      I never said or meant to imply our disagreements were based on hate. I don’t think any of us hate anyone. And in my post above when I said, “…even if the whole world (including family) is against me,” was meant as a hypothetical situation because I don’t think the whole world is against me nor do I think our disagreements are based on hate. It was a figure of speech to get across the point that when you know the God’s honest truth about a situation, you stand firm on it regardless of what others say, including family. I was making the point that the truth supersedes those situations if they were to occur.

      Yes, we are all entitled to our opinions. But I admit I have higher expectations regarding family considering how our background is supposed to be Christian yet the majority of our family seems to be more focused on trying to do what’s typical of black folks (i.e. black people only vote Democrat) vs. what’s right in God’s eyes when it comes to political choices. I could come up with a long list of examples, but let me just highlight a few.

      People in our family assume white Republicans are racist and sexist and they must therefore vote or cheer only for Democrats. But Democrats have historically been racists and have tried to divide people along racial or ethnic or other differences. Republicans freed the slaves, elected the first Blacks to Congress during Reconstruction and have always fought against Jim Crow and other racial discrimination including lynchings. Republican President Eisenhower put conservatives on the Supreme Court and they’re the majority on that Court who ruled in favor of Brown v. Board of Education to desegregate schools. He then sent National Guard troops to enforce it in the South. Eisenhower and Repubs in Congress also passed the first real Civil Rights Act of the 20th Century in 1950 to help Blacks. They followed it up with expansions on civil rights in the Civil Rights Acts of 1960 and 1964 along with their support for the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Repub President Nixon supported and got passed with Repubs in Congress the law for affirmative action.

      Republican New York mayor La Guardia fought for and got desegregation in professional baseball. Repub President Reagan put the first woman on the Supreme Court. He also supported the Farm Subsidies Act that helped feed poor people in the ghettos during the 1980s.

      It was the Democrats who started the Civil War, fought against freeing slaves, started the KKK, resisted the anti-lynching laws of the Republicans, implemented Jim Crow, and only agreed to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to buy the black vote. They’ve been running America’s big cities and haven’t helped the poor get out of poverty and haven’t done much to fight crime, but instead support criminals under their sanctuary city policies to protect criminal illegals or bail reform to let dangerous criminals out without any reassurances to the public.

      Democrats also support abortion–the murder of human babies in the womb. Something that God spoke against in the Bible. Democrats support socialism/communism, believing that the government is God and should control everyone’s lives from how they travel to how far they travel to where they live to what they should eat (e.g. the Green New Deal and the lies about climate change). Socialism/Communism is based on the belief that the Bible isn’t true, that God doesn’t exist, and that Christians should be erased from society. Socialism along with occultism are the philosophies behind the gay rights/LGBT movement that Democrats support. The LGBT movement that Democrats support also wants to make it legal for adults to have sex with kids.

      Democrats are also the ones supporting the legalization of narcotics like marijuana and have legalized euthanasia in every state where it’s legal. Euthanasia is nothing short of murdering people simply because people don’t feel like paying for their hospital bills and it’s being used to promote the idea that doctors should help people kill themselves for any reason they feel is justified even if they aren’t sick.

      So these are all of the anti-Christian things that people are voting for (and worse things) when they vote for Democrats. That’s why it’s a big disappointment and a huge concern when I see how people in my own family ignore these things or who don’t educate themselves about them, yet call themselves Christians as they vote for God-hating Democrats. I could go on about how the Democrats lied to get false charges against President Trump for their fake impeachment, but I’ll stop there.


  2. I don’t really care about Trump, he’s the president now and we’re stuck with him either way, or the fact that you’re a supporter of him and I’m not. As you know, the family doesn’t agree with a lot of the stuff I do, but it’s never changed me, who I am at my core or what I believe and I’ve honestly never felt like they’ve tried to. I’m sorry that you feel different. We’re not against you. We can all be very loud and also very opinionated, but no ones intention was ever to make you feel like the odd man out. You have the right to feel the way you feel, you have the right to do what you feel is best for your mental wellbeing; I support you in that. I do, however, think you should reflect on whether or not you have alienated yourself. If you felt uncomfortable, attacked, hanged up on, disrespected you should have spoken up in the moment and said just that. As I have gotten older I have realized that if I am not ok with a situation and I do not say anything then that is my own fault. I just hope that you take the time and understand that you have ownership in the way your relationships have played out just as much as the other parties involved. I do love you Uncle Harry and miss having you around, I have for a long time because you chose to come around less and less throughout the years. We have good memories. I remember playing Uno and Scrabble with you even back to the Regency Manor days. It saddens me that my child is currently missing out on those moments with you. I have grown up and changed so much, I really think you would appreciate and be proud of the woman I am now if you could experience my presence. I hope you know that I appreciate your perspective, even if it is different from mine, even on subjects that are more sensitive than others. As someone who is different from everyone in the family in a lot of ways I get that it can feel awkward, but awkward and uncomfortable isn’t always bad. You’re very conservative and I’m probably as wild as they come, but we’re still human at the end of the day. Even with our differences I know there are things we can relate on, things we could discuss. We’re also both intellectuals, I’ve always appreciated that about you. Just know that you are loved. If you need to take time to yourself that is fine, but know that you are not only wanted, but needed here as a son, brother, and uncle.


    1. Lachelle,

      As I told your mom, I believe in everyone having a right to their opinions. My concern about our family is what those opinions are based on.

      For instance, what is the dislike for Trump really based on? What the news has said is based on lies because they are biased for Democrats and their harmful anti-Christian policies I pointed out to your mom. Trump has made changes that have set excellent historical jobs records for blacks, latinos, Asians, & women and good increases in wages. Is helping those groups out racist or sexist? Not to mention he’s passed prison reform to help people who may have gotten unjust prison sentences to get out earlier and find jobs. What’s not to like about any of that? Democrats didn’t do any of that.


  3. You can do a lot worse with family Harry, I would say. For those who want to bash Trump, I suggest move up to Canada where we have Mr. Perfect Politically Correct head of government Prime Minister Trudeau. What a disaster this country is and would anyone invest any big bucks here? I think not if they would like to get a reasonable return on investment. I suggest read this: This country is being balkanized by Trudeau who, as bad as he will be, will probably be the second worst PM in Canadian history after his father Pierre. Yes come up here to the land of politically correctness where the mobs rule and forget about the terrible Mr. Trump but we wish we had someone like him up here.

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