Deceit and Evil Imaginations Are Inseparable

God supplies us with an abundance of basic principles for spiritual discernment and spiritual maturity in his word, from Genesis all the way to Revelation. He shares those doctrines with us out of love so we can strive for spiritual excellence to grow in our relationship with him and to ultimately glorify him. All day every day when we read news stories or interact with others in various settings, it’s obvious that there is a whole lot of evil around looking to drag us down.

Have you ever noticed that when someone is promoting evil, excuses are made to make the evil sound harmless or to make it seem like it’s necessary? Sometimes those excuses seem so understandable and logical that we may get duped into thinking it’s really not that bad. We may assume that the people using the excuses to back up the evil have nothing but good purposes in mind. It’s at times like these that it serves us well to remember doctrines like the one in Proverbs 12:20, which states:

Deceit is in the heart of them that imagine evil: but to the counsellors of peace is joy.

Wherever there is an idea or action contrary to God’s word and his character, it is guaranteed to be evil. Additionally, anything that is an evil imagination has deceit inextricably tied to it. Why? Deceit is itself an evil imagination. All evil imaginations require deceit to be carried out. So when we hear about Southern Baptist leader J. D. Greear referring to people as “transgenders” and using their “preferred pronouns” to be hospitable towards them, there’s deceit in that. It’s immutable scientific and Biblical fact no one can change genders. They can only be one of two genders. It’s also Biblical fact that God’s people pleased the Lord by not winking at sin, whether it was their own sin or others’ sins.

When people argue abortion is necessary and that it’s proper “healthcare,” it’s the deceit linked to an evil imagination. When atheists claim there’s no God and use contradictions or say their illogical arguments are logical to spread their claims, it’s deceit sparked by an evil imagination. When we are told it’s okay to overlook the hypocritical lies of the famous because of their popularity or that they mean well for a greater good, it’s deceit used to back up an evil imagination. When a popular fast food franchise makes excuses to stop supporting a Christian ministry for the sake of supporting the agenda of sexual deviants, it’s deceit to shore up an evil imagination. And on and on it goes.

Nevertheless, when God exposes the problem as he did in Proverbs above, he always gives the solution. Counteracting the deceit stemming from a heart that imagines evil requires that there be counselors who foster God’s peace so they can spread godly joy. It’s important to note that in order to be counselors, they must speak or act when the opportunity arises. And when they speak or act, they do it to represent the Lord, to be shining lights who not only expose or address ignorance and darkness, but present sound remedies to ignorance and darkness.


(Featured image used under Creative Commons License.)


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