Two Malaysian Boys Miraculously Survive Being Thrown From Vehicle in a Crash

Police in Juru, Penang, in Malaysia have reported that two brothers, ages 11 and 13, have miraculously survived unharmed after they were ejected from their mother’s vehicle on an expressway during a crash. A nearby driver caught the crash on video (see below or click this link) this past Saturday, November 15, which shows a red car in the right lane driving alongside the black car in the middle lane which contained the boys.

The driver of the red vehicle somehow loses control and rams the black vehicle with the boys inside. The impact forced the rear door of the black vehicle open as the boys were ejected and both cars eventually came to a stop after bouncing off the guardrail. Their mother, who was driving, and their sister rushed out of the front seats of their black car to make sure the boys were alright after the boys stood up on the shoulder of the expressway.

Police said that after everyone involved in the crash was checked for injuries, miraculously the only one who was injured was the woman in the red car who caused the crash. She sustained minor injuries to her neck and legs while her own two children in the car with her came out with no injuries.

Once again, this shows how the Lord and his angels are at work all over the globe to work miracles even in horrifying circumstances to help believers and unbelievers for some greater purpose. My prayer is that if the people involved in the crash don’t know Jesus as their Lord, this incident will be a testimony of his love for them and will draw them to repent and believe in Jesus for their salvation. I pray it will also draw any unbelievers who have heard about the incident to a saving knowledge of the Lord, who sometimes displays his power to override the laws of physics and the stupid actions of humans to miraculously reveal his love.

…many believed in his name, when they saw the miracles which he did. John 2:23


Two boys flung from car in shocking expressway traffic accident unharmed, police say (VIDEO), Coconuts KL, November 19, 2019.

(updated 11/20/19 at 7:20 am)

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