How Big Tech Social Media Promotes Evil and Restricts Good

The world was in shock about a month ago when 39 dead migrants were found in a semi tractor trailer, a lorry, in the UK. According to the Telegraph, the investigation into what contributed to the incident has uncovered how social media big tech companies have turned a blind eye to human trafficking criminal enterprises on their platforms. Many of the human trafficking rings have posted promotional videos and posts on YouTube and Facebook assuring migrants from second world and third world countries that they know how to game the system and break the law to successfully smuggle the migrants into the UK.

Authorities believe this is what encouraged the 39 Vietnamese migrants to board the semi that delivered them to their deaths. Videos on social media, posted by traffickers, have boasted how loading people onto refrigerated trucks helps shield them from being detected by thermal imaging equipment often used by border authorities. Former Europol officer Steve Harvey told the Telegraph that organized crime syndicates who traffic humans are not underground, contrary to what has often been stated in the media. According to Harvey, “… it is in your face. These guys are advertising on social media what they do. Trafficking migrants is trafficking a commodity.  It is not difficult to find. The problem is that we are not proactive enough.

“These criminals are operating in a very comfortable environment where the likelihood of intervention, detection, arrest, prosecution and conviction is rare, limited and unlikely.”

What’s even more interesting and disturbing is that social media giants Facebook and YouTube have allowed the human trafficking rings to advertise their criminal services without any restrictions. The National Crime Agency in the UK has estimated the profits from the trafficking rings (who often force some migrants into sex slavery and slave labor) is about $7.73 billion, taking into account that they charge each migrant close to $13,000 to smuggle them. How big tech handles the situation exposes their glaring hypocrisy. Despite what Facebook or YouTube have conveyed to the federal government (including Congress) with their denials that they censor and/or manipulate political speech, they bend over backwards to censor any speech that doesn’t match their liberal, “progressive” views. But they seem to be gung ho about allowing the promotion of criminal behavior on their platforms, whether the criminal behavior is radical Islamic terrorism or human trafficking.

Their actions remind me of what took place in ancient Israel when their society became utterly corrupt. The gatekeepers of their society attempted to censor people who spoke God’s truth while they promoted those who broke the law and behaved immorally. Their habit of calling good evil and evil good eventually led to their society’s downfall. That seems to be what big tech is determined to do now to our society.

…with lies ye have made the heart of the righteous sad, whom I have not made sad; and strengthened the hands of the wicked, that he should not return from his wicked way, by promising him life. Ezekiel 13:22

Source: Charles Hymas, People smugglers use YouTube to teach migrants how to illegally enter UK in refrigerator trucks, The Telegraph, November 17, 2019.

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