Inconvenient Truths about Ulterior Motives in the Elite Ruling Class

I admit I’m biased. I’m a firm believer that the United States, since its founding in 1776, is the best nation on the planet, thanks mostly to the Biblical principles on which it was founded. Those values still have great influence in our society, persuading many of us to strive to right wrongs and push back against influences set up to violate Biblical principles.

Civilizations built up by God’s influence will always be open to ungodly elements because of the sinful nature of humans. I call them hellish or Satanic or devilish influences because they seek to attack anything that God has called sacred, whether it’s human life, the God-established family unit, God-established bodies like the church, or other godly concepts. Bad influences will only end at some future time when the Godhead will create the new heavens and new Earth. In the meantime, it’s up to us saints to stay aware of the evils that would bring our societies down so we can both pray for and take action against them when necessary.

Below are three links to the InfoWars’ David Knight show which aired September 27, 2019. For a little over two hours, Knight discusses current event topics that the mainstream media (MSM) avoids. The inconvenient truths he points out are part of the reason why Knight and others at InfoWars have been banned from popular Internet sites and social media since the MSM thrives on trying to keep people ignorant. Knight highlights the following topics:

  • The “whistleblower” complaint against President Trump isn’t really whistleblowing or reliable since it’s from a person who has no firsthand eyewitness knowledge of anything that may or may not have happened in the White House. The complaint and complainant also have links to atheist globalist socialist George Soros.
  • There is no cover-up from the President since he has declassified and released the complaint and the conversation with Ukraine’s president as requested by Democrat Socialists that were used by them as a basis for their unfounded attack against the President.
  • The feigned outrage from the Democrat Socialists against Trump is in part due to their attempts to try to divert attention away from and to project onto Trump their own illegal dealings, such as Hunter Biden’s unethical profits in Ukraine and China done as part of Joe Biden’s abuses of power as Vice President.
  • Recent instances of government agencies who are violating the Constitution to steal parental rights from parents to take away their children without due process.
  • The sexualization of children for the benefit of pedophiles and how it links to violating parental rights.
  • A recent case of a business owner who had his business taken away and rights violated by the government without due process when he had successfully trained, employed, and housed homeless veterans. They still haven’t told him about any laws he violated.

Here are the links to the broadcast:



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