China Increases Human Rights Violations As Communist Celebration Approaches

Atheist Communists took over China on October 1, 1949. In honor of that dark day, China’s Communist Party has begun to tighten up on its restrictions as their 70th anniversary commemoration of that day called “National Day” approaches on October 1. Despite these crackdowns and China’s unrepentant disdain toward human rights, we have many people complaining in the West about President Trump’s crackdown on China with his tariffs. They totally ignore the fact China declared a trade war against the U.S. decades ago and Trump is the one with the decency to at least fight back. His critics seem to be cheering for the godless Communists.

In the past few years, China has implemented a social credit system to strictly control the behavior and movements of their citizens. Do something the Communist government doesn’t like and the government will deduct points from your social score, making you one among millions whose travel privileges are hampered or revoked altogether. Your power to purchase goods can also be restricted. Now that they have applied the system to individuals, they are expanding the social credit system to companies as well. Although we in the West breathe a sigh of relief that we are not living under those conditions, little-by-little those Communist/socialist policies are being promoted in the West through Democrat Socialists and liberals churning up the “cancel culture.” That’s why the various socialist movements of the West from Antifa to Black Lives Matter to the “LGBTQ” nonsense to liberal colleges and universities to Democrat candidates are trying to boycott, ban, and persecute Chick-fil-A, Trump and his supporters, gun owners, the evangelical right, those who oppose the climate change hoax, Constitutionalists, etc.

Disagree with the fascist socialists and they’ll shadow ban your social media posts, delete your social media accounts, diminish your rankings in search engine search results, pressure your credit card company or bank to dump you, slap you with frivolous lawsuits, and worse. It’s a social credit system all its own. If you wish to see what their ultimate goals are, just look at what China has been doing recently in the run up to their October 1 celebration and in other circumstances. Their crackdown includes:

Atheists who claim that Christians stand in the way of their freedoms and are ruining their lives are bearing false witness in order to implement their own principles. History has proven that atheists (who oddly enough cling to socialism in droves) are the ones who really violate human rights and take innocent human life. They have an inordinate lust for power, a desire to control every aspect of every individual’s life. Is that what we want for our society? Is socialism what we really want them to brainwash our kids with?

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