Invoking the Name Lucifer in a “Christian” Service?

When you hear the word, “Lucifer”, what comes to your mind? Those of us who are Christian and most people who have been exposed to Christian ideas automatically associate “Lucifer” with the devil, otherwise known as Satan. Lucifer, the name that only appears in the Bible once–in Isaiah 14–is a name that most unbelievers and all true Christians would not want to be associated with in any way. But if you have done any research at all on the name, you may have come across the shocking revelation that it is standard practice at Easter time to have the name Lucifer invoked at the Vatican’s Easter vigil.

In the April 2019 video below from approximately mark 33:35 to approximately mark 34:25, you can hear these words in Latin:

Flammas eius Lucifer matutinus invéniat
ille, inquam, Lucifer, qui nescit occásum
Christus Fílius tuus,
qui, regréssus ab ínferis,
humáno géneri serénus illúxit,
et vivit et regnat in sæcula sæculórum.

In English, the translation is:

His flame, Lucifer, the morning meets,
May I say, Lucifer, who knows no setting,
Christ your son,
Who came back from the dead,
Shed his peaceful light on all mankind,
And is alive and reigns forever.

The Catholic Encyclopedia says the following for its entry under Lucifer:

(Hebrew helel; Septuagint heosphoros, Vulgate lucifer)

The name Lucifer originally denotes the planet Venus, emphasizing its brilliance. The Vulgate employs the word also for “the light of the morning” (Job 11:17), “the signs of the zodiac” (Job 38:32), and “the aurora” (Psalm 109:3). Metaphorically, the word is applied to the King of Babylon (Isaiah 14:12) as preeminent among the princes of his time; to the high priest Simon son of Onias (Ecclesiasticus 50:6), for his surpassing virtue, to the glory of heaven (Apocalypse 2:28), by reason of its excellency; finally to Jesus Christ himself (2 Peter 1:19; Apocalypse 22:16; the “Exultet” of Holy Saturday) the true light of our spiritual life.

The Syriac version and the version of Aquila derive the Hebrew noun helel from the verb yalal, “to lament”; St. Jerome agrees with them (In Isaiah 1.14), and makes Lucifer the name of the principal fallen angel who must lament the loss of his original glory bright as the morning star. In Christian tradition this meaning of Lucifer has prevailed; the Fathers maintain that Lucifer is not the proper name of the devil, but denotes only the state from which he has fallen (Petavius, De Angelis, III, iii, 4).

In the Roman Catholic Church’s official Bible (the Douay-Rheims) in Isaiah 14:12, they acknowledge Lucifer as the fallen one. In reality the Hebrew word helel in Isaiah 14:12 that is translated Lucifer doesn’t have the words “morning” or “star” linked to it in any form or fashion and it isn’t used anywhere else in Hebrew scripture. Therefore, the word Lucifer in no way can be linked to anyone in the Godhead. Some people argue the name Lucifer refers only to Venus or to the king of Babylon, but no matter how you try to explain it, Jesus still cannot be Lucifer’s son. This ritual that deacons at the Vatican sing every year at the Easter vigil invoking Satan is nothing but blasphemy. Lucifer in Isaiah 14 wanted to be like the Most High, and that ungodly, prideful mentality is reflected in the words of this Vatican ritual when they equate or replace the Most High with Lucifer. And their Catholic Encyclopedia intentionally muddies the waters about Lucifer’s identity to give them cover for their false doctrine.

It seems to me that if the Vatican were concerned about preserving spiritual purity in how they do things, this invocation would have been dumped long ago. But they won’t give up invoking Lucifer because they consider traditions of men as more important than God’s word and clearly don’t care that Lucifer obviously refers to the devil.

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  1. How sad it is when a church supposedly of God, the God of love evokes the god of evil in their ceremonial ritual, and equate him to our Lord or as you have stated, ‘begets Him’. Because ??? … they feel compelled to, just like they were compelled to change the Sabbath of God and break the commandment of ‘do not covet’ into two to enrich their coffers, and accommodate the paying pagans. Erasing the true Sabbath God Himself sanctified before man was even created, (Exodus 20:11). Plus say this in Latin so the average person/believer would not notice who they truly worship. Sad that through the centuries people forget this religion stems more from its paganistic traditions then God’s sovereignty.

    Thank you for bring it to light. God bless you wholeheartedly.

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