Singer Katy Perry to pay Christian artist for copyright theft

Pop singer Katy Perry, known for using occultic imagery in her concerts and videos for her chart-topping songs, will have to pay Christian artist Marcus Gray for a hit song he co-wrote in 2008. Gray, better known as Christian rapper “Flame”, filed the lawsuit against Perry over her 2013 hit “Dark Horse”, which stole the beat and rhythms from the Christian artist’s Grammy-nominated hit, “Joyful Noise.”

Perry’s hit was also nominated for a Grammy. Gray contended in court that his familiar song stolen by Perry ended up making him look bad because she used witchcraft imagery in her version of his song and it ended up hurting his reputation as a Christian artist. The jury on Monday, July 29, agreed with his argument. If you go on YouTube and listen to both songs, it’s obvious how the jury reached their verdict in Gray’s favor. Now the arguments have begun over how much Gray, aka “Flame”, is owed by the secular artist. His legal teams’ calculations claim that Perry, her creative team, and her record label earned a total of $41 million from the song.

Perry’s legal team begs to differ. They argue that a lot of money goes into promoting a song–costs that eventually get subtracted from the song’s overall profits. The record label, Capitol Records (the same record label that has Hillsongs as its client), show its profits are $31 million from the song. They claim that the costs involved whittled those profits down to $630,000. Perry allegedly made $3.2 million overall from “Dark Horse”, but her attorneys say $800,000 in promotional costs must be subtracted from that amount.

The fact that this lawsuit ended up being valid is a reflection of the lack of originality and talent that is prevalent in today’s music industry. It also shows the immoral and underhanded lengths to which secular artists are willing to go to hype up their fame and fortunes, but what shall it profit a man (or in this case, woman) to gain the whole world, but lose their soul?

Source: KATIE CAMPIONE and ANDREW DALTON, Jury told Katy Perry hit ‘Dark Horse’ earned $41M,, July 30, 2019.

UPDATE: Katy Perry and Her ‘Dark Horse’ Collaborators Owe $2.78 Million in Copyright Suit, Jury Finds,, August 01, 2019.

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