Flashback: Democrats call for a stop to illegal immigration

Hypocrisy tends to be the way of many a politician. For a few years now we’ve been hearing cries from liberals to open the U.S. border as they defend borders of other nations and tell manufactured half-truth sob stories of illegal aliens who intentionally place children in harm’s way then blame those who defend our borders when things end badly. In the video below, political humorist Mark Dice uncovered archival video footage of famous Democrats who are now for open borders, yet not too long ago preached against illegal aliens. They pointed out the economic downfalls illegal immigration brings and warned about the criminal lawlessness that goes with it. These Democrats even called for barriers at the border and for increases in the number of Border Patrol Agents. Enjoy this video while you still can. YouTube may make up an excuse to censor it since it makes liberals look bad.

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