Today, Alex Jones is banned. Tomorrow it could be you.

Social media is abuzz about Facebook banning Alex Jones and any positive mention of him or InfoWars news on their platform. It’s all part of the leftist fascist agenda.

Christianity is already being censored or de-platformed on Facebook in some cases. If you post scripture from the Bible that offends homosexuals like Leviticus 18:22 or 1 Corinthians 6:9 & someone reports you to the censors on the platform, your post or account can get deleted. This move by Facebook is simply a smokescreen, Zuckerberg’s attempt at virtue signaling when they have been exposed time after time for violating their own privacy policies or guidelines. Even after they lie to Congress or issue their fake apologies to the public.

When the New Zealand mosques were attacked, Facebook censors took their sweet time taking down the videos the shooter livestreamed on their platform. Edited copies of the video still remained there earlier today. They also left up the account of a Neo-Nazi pedophile in the UK who was arrested for plotting to murder an MP. Just two of many examples of their selective censorship. So their excuses for censoring Alex Jones are done to cover their hypocrisy, in my opinion. He shares inconvenient truths that make progressives and the Deep State or Shadow Government uncomfortable, that make mainstream journalists look like the slackers they are, and he backs his reports up with evidence that goes against the left’s agenda, especially when one considers that leftists blame Alex Jones for helping Trump get elected. All without being the racist they claim he is. That’s the real reason for this move. And if it can happen to a prominent figure like Alex Jones, it can happen to any of us. For any reason they make up.

Update video (5/4/19): Alex Jones features Constitutional lawyer urging Trump to take action against the silencing of the Right since Facebook exhibits “cartel mafia behavior to steal the 2020 election.”

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