Northern Ireland MP passionately urges British government to help Christians

“Christians across the world are now the most persecuted religious group with nearly 300 million living in fear of discrimination and persecution. And 4,000 being killed every year because of their faith.

“The Government has said that Britain is on their side. Can the minister tell us, how is the Government using the UK’s soft power, our economic power, our contact with other Governments and our aid budget to help those who are persecuted daily simply because they believe in Jesus Christ?” stated Sam Wilson, the Democratic Unionist Party MP from Northern Ireland during a question and answer segment of the UK Parliament on Wednesday, April 24.

Recent news stories about senseless violence against Christians, including the bombings in Sri Lanka, raised his concerns about whether or not the British government was really doing enough to stem the tide of persecution.
De-facto deputy prime minister David Lidington then reassured Wilson that Great Britain was indeed taking such matters seriously with robust budget expenditures dedicated to fight for the human rights of Christians as well as people of other faiths who are targeted.

It is truly honorable for any government to work toward combating evil people wishing to harm Christians. Paul in Romans 13:1-4 teaches that this is a basic function of government and is the reason God establishes governments. However, it should also be understood that persecution is something that goes with being a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Although just governments should try to stamp out persecution, it will never be completely eradicated, which is why Jesus and his apostles on several occasions warned us such dangers would face us because of hatred lurking in the hearts of fallen mankind. Nevertheless, we also have the assurance that God hears our prayers to shield us from our enemies at certain times and other weapons of spiritual warfare along with the promise that we are overcomers who will have Satan under our feet in due time (Romans 16:20).

(Featured image by Edwin Poon of “Tower Bridge on a Summer’s Evening” from Flickr, used under Creative Commons License.)

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