Sexualization of children has arrived & must be firmly resisted

Twelve years ago, I did a post about a social science college professor I had in the early 1990s who was a gay activist. He laid out the goals for society he and other gay activists were trying to push in North America and other places. That post was called “Look out, heteros! Gay rights are gonna get your children!” Here’s an excerpt:

Much of what he said the gay rights movement would accomplish has come to pass such as the positive portrayal of such characters on television and in movies, their adoption of children, and their becoming a protected class under civil rights clauses.  But these seemingly innocent progressions are only established as the groundwork for more sinister things they want to accomplish…

Here are some of the goals of sodomites and lesbians that he said should be accepted but haven’t been yet:
● Sex with children is normal.  After all, the Greeks and Romans did it all the time.  So laws that keep adults from having sex with children no matter what the child’s age, should be repealed.  (This is one of the reasons gay couples want to adopt children and why they want access to child-centered organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Boy Scouts.  The other reason being that they want to brainwash the next generation into thinking sodomy is normal.)
● Censorship is evil unless it favors the gay rights movement.  So using any language against homosexuals should be as unacceptable as the n-word is.
● Since sex is used mainly for pleasure, as many heterosexuals as possible should be converted to the homosexual lifestyle or at the very least persuaded to be bisexual.

At the time I released the post, I was mocked and ridiculed for believing such things could happen here in the U.S. Now they’re all really happening. The sexualization of children is beginning to come out into the open and it shows how deeply the radical liberals hate children, seeing them as tools to be used for their own selfish purposes–whether that purpose is to consider them an economic or social inconvenience by murdering them in the womb or murdering them just after they’re born or making them sex objects using drag queen story hour as a cover. Children are a heritage from the Lord. God forgive us for the evil things we are allowing to happen to them in our society.

In February, The Federalist featured this report entitled, “The Pedophile Project: Your 7-Year-Old Is Next On The Sexual Revolution’s Hit Parade ” by Stella Morabito, who sounds the alarm that efforts to normalize and legalize pedophilia have been sped up via the lies of the “transgender” movement, drag queen story hours, attempts by psychiatrists to re-label sexual attraction to kids as a bona fide sexual orientation, and worse.

On March 16, 2019, de-platformed, censored news commentator Alex Jones of InfoWars held a special videorecorded broadcast entitled “Parents Outraged Over ‘Drag Queen Story Time’ Hosted By Convicted Child Rapist in Houston” where he unloads in one of his typical (yet truthfully blunt) heated rants (Note: If you click on the link to the video, be forewarned it has some disturbing images and language). Jones covers how pedophiles are targeting kids, features recent news stories as proof, gives warnings about how it hails back to the ancient times of child sacrifice and pagan or Satanic ritual abuse, and shares undercover video by Millie Weaver who exposes what really happens during drag queen story hour. Part of this liberal effort, as I’ve warned several times before, is to make incidents of teacher-student sex so common that legislators and citizens will believe it must be normal for some adults to be sexually attracted to kids. Some teachers’ unions seem to be on board with such plans by protecting certain teachers who have had sex with kids (see Project Veritas videos on YouTube).

It’s all a sad state of affairs. Any concerned parent who has kids or concerned adult who wants kids protected may have to put in some extra effort and time to ensure the innocence of children is preserved.

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