Christian Author/Lecturer Exposes The Spiritual Dangers of Yoga

Years before Christian author and speaker Caryl Matrisciana died of cancer in 2016, she was a guest on The Berean Call radio show hosted by T. A. McMahon. Matrisciana was British and grew up in India surrounded by Hinduism. She became a disciple of the New Age religion during the hippie movement of the 1960s-1970s, discovering it was closely linked to Hinduism. When she eventually got saved, she became a speaker to warn the church about Eastern mystic teachings creeping into the Christian church.

In this two-part audio recording (about 26 minutes each) recently released from The Berean Call archives, Matrisciana and McMahon discuss why Hindu leaders re-labeled yoga to make it palatable to Western society, it’s links to the entertainment industry and the ungodly spirit world, how yoga is tied to drug abuse, and more that many Christians are unaware of.

Part One
Part Two

(Featured image: Yoga Dancer Posture Natarajasana by Jfbongarçon used under Creative Commons 3.0 license from Wikimedia Commons.)

2 thoughts on “Christian Author/Lecturer Exposes The Spiritual Dangers of Yoga

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  1. I tell people about yoga, iridology, reflexology, etc. and they do not listen. It is new age and of the occult. What is wrong with Christians. I know — they do not study the scriptures enough to understand Christianity. Iridology the doctors say they love it – accupuncture – oh it is just needles. I want to shake these people and tell them to smarten up………It is too bad that these people are getting their Christianity from other people and not the Holy Spirit.

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