When Miracles Don’t Seem to Matter

Imagine a community terrorized by a violent, out-of-control individual. Their efforts to legally and physically put him away fail year-after-year. Then someone comes along from outside their community to give them the help they need in a way they never thought possible. But the resolution to their problem, although it brings peace to everyone involved (including the guy doing the terrorizing), is considered too high a price despite the fact it will reap priceless rewards immediately and in the future, so they lash out against the person who solved their problem. We would call such a community a bunch of ungrateful complainers who wouldn’t be worth our time.

The Gadarenes in Mark 5 were exactly that type of people. The man possessed by multiple devils, who collectively called themselves Legion, was uncontrollable and untamable no matter what they tried. Then the Lord Jesus came along and cast every last devil out of him, sending them into a herd of pigs that soon afterwards drowned themselves.

Nevertheless, the reaction of the Gadarenes did not match the amazing, awe-inspiring feat of the miracle. Instead, they first felt terrified of Christ and what he did after learning what happened. Then they persisted on asking him to leave their area. So he did. The story is not only a testimony of the power of the mighty God we serve, it highlights the baseness of the human heart. The Lord can lovingly display the most profound, mind-blowing miracle to help people, yet those who are more concerned about their possessions than purity or the well-being of other people will dismiss the Lord, his miracles, and faith in him.

Their greed over having lost 2,000 replaceable pigs took precedent over the human rights of an irreplaceable, priceless human life. Christ proved that he as our Creator prefers our lives as humans immeasurably more than the lives of animals, possessions, or socioeconomic status. Even when the Gadarenes rejected him, the Lord’s reaction was still loving towards them. The healed man was sent by Christ back to his people so he could continue sharing Christ’s gospel with them. Christ didn’t give up on them.

Most of the world today is like the Gadarenes. God proves himself over and over again with miracles in various forms and with countless confirmations of the truths expressed in his word, but most of mankind dismisses all of it because they prefer their sin, possessions, and status. They see God’s loving works as a threat to all of that, so they ridicule and make excuses to shore up why they should have their abortions, their “government is god” socialism, their shady business practices to clamor for more money, their mind-corrupting secular music, their drugs, their lies, their envy, and more. But thanks be to God for all who, like the possessed man, have been freed by the blood of Jesus from the insanity of Satan’s kingdom and sent into the world to tell of the marvelous things the Lord has done and continues to do.

(Featured image by mrjn Photography used under Creative Commons 1.0 license from Unsplash.com)

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