11-year-old Texas girl healed of inoperable, incurable brain tumor

Doctors can’t explain it. Six months ago in June, Roxli Doss was given a hopeless diagnosis. An MRI scan was done when she fell sick and the doctors found a large tumor on her brain. Testing revealed Roxli had a rare tumor called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, what they call DIPG for short.

DIPG causes major physical debilitation, such as “decreased ability to swallow, …vision loss, decreased ability to talk, eventually difficulty with breathing” according to Dr. Virginia Harrod who is a physician working with the Doss family. It was decided that even though DIPG is incurable, Roxli would go through a weeks-long regiment of radiation. In the meantime, Roxli’s family decided to have a benefit in August to help pay for medical bills and their Buda, Texas, community as well as people outside their community generously contributed to the cause.

Additionally, the family prayed to God for a miracle. And their prayers were answered. Weeks ago, another scan of Roxli’s brain was done, and there was no sign at all of the tumor. It disappeared. Then they double-checked the scans to make sure they didn’t miss something. But specialists across the country at several reputable hospitals agreed the diagnosis of DIPG was correct and now they can’t explain how the incurable, inoperable tumor disappeared.

Roxli’s parents, Gena and Scott, are now giving God all the glory for the miracle as Roxli continues to go through treatments, such as immunotherapy, as a precaution. According to her parents, Roxli is now a physically active and happy 11-year-old girl participating in her favorite activities, like horseback riding. Gena says, “Everyday we still say it. 
It’s kind of our family thing that God healed Roxli.”

What I admire about this family and their story is that they had no qualms about seeking the help of medical professionals while they also exercised their faith and sought God’s help at the same time. In my opinion, that exhibits true wisdom and also provides God with unquestionable, reliable witnesses who can attest to the fact that something beyond their control–a miracle–has indeed occurred. It also shows that sometimes when God wants to perform a miracle, he expects believers at times to take some kind of action that outwardly proves how serious they are about their faith in the midst of their challenge. That principle was displayed in several places in the Bible, such as Gideon’s victory over Midianites (Judges 7), Elisha’s healing of some poisoned stew (2 Kings 4), and Peter’s deliverance from prison (Acts 12).

Source: Kalyn Norwood, From no cure to no trace | Central Texas girl’s inoperable brain tumor disappears, KHOU 11 (video), December 16, 2018.

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