Oldest known fossilized bird lungs are same as today’s

A fossilized bird dug up in the oldest layer of China’s Cretaceous Jehol strata, which to date has the oldest known fossilized bird lung, has been shown to display enough detail in the impression it left in the rock that scientists have been able to examine the lungs under microscopes to see its structure. Like today’s birds, the lungs were encased in the ribs. The lungs, overall, look exactly like bird lungs do today.

The scientists who examined the lungs concluded that “[t]his suggests that the general structural design of the avian lung has been conserved for a very long time, being already present in the most primitive [birds]…” They found that there were no signs that birds evolved since ancient times and that the efficiency of airflow seen in bird lungs today is the same as it was back in the Mesozoic era. So once again, science proves the accuracy of the Bible’s creation account in Genesis, showing that bird lungs had the best design from the beginning. To find out more about what the scientists discovered about this bird, see this article at the Institute for Creation Research website.

(Featured image is a Northern Pintail duck by US Fish and Wildlife Service used under Creative Commons from commons.wikimedia.org)

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