Ray Comfort exposes atheists’ contradictions & lack of logic

When it comes to book knowledge, some atheists can be very intelligent. But when the subject of God’s existence and how things came into being comes into play, it’s amazing how atheists ignore their obvious contradictions and lack of logic just so they can try to convince themselves and others that God doesn’t exist. I’m of the opinion they talk themselves into accepting their own contradictions because they inherently know God really does exist. Here’s a short video that came out November 28 by Ray Comfort to expose a few weaknesses in the atheists’ arguments.

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  1. Nothing created everything are words Ray has twisted to a misnomer. The universe is a brute fact and has always existed in some form or another. Nothing is made of nothing, and the presupposition of creatio ex nihlio is a baseless argument to begin with. Anyone with a moment off camera can think that through. Btw, You can do better than posting Ray Comfort. Please Mr Gaylord, he is a true charlatan. His arguments are staged and he is a known liar.


    1. Could it be that since you are atheist, Jim, that perhaps anyone who presents valid evidence to back up a pro-God argument would be seen as a charlatan? Ray Comfort showed video clips in the correct context without pulling a “fast one” and anyone can look at the full videos on YouTube to verify that.


      1. Ray Comfort has admitted defeat on certain topics during debate, then goes out the next day and says the same things all over again. Evolution for instance, has been explained to Ray in great detail and then he intensionally misrepresents the facts and spins them. He’s not honest. Very disingenuous. The debate has to be honest. Ray is not.


      2. He has clearly submitted visual and other forms of proof to back what he says so it would be nice if you did the same to prove your claim about him. Sorry but I’m not the type to believe what an atheist tells me since they believe it’s ok to lie to get people on their side.


      3. And by the way Harry, just because the people that have no argument in his video, doesn’t mean there are not extremely good arguments out there. In fact, my argument is very good, and you failed to address it at all. Can you?


      4. Jim,

        If you were familiar with the laws of thermodynamics you would know the universe had to have a beginning. It has not always existed given the rate at which the universe is expanding and taking into consideration many other factors.


      5. I am familiar with those laws, certainly. But, that doesn’t mean nothing was at the beginning of matter and energy is in a constant flux with billions of galaxies coming on and off line. Expanding and contracting over the infinite distance and time. Easier to imagine that than some god lighting a match and poof!


      6. Jim,

        Please brush up on your scientific facts. The Bible never claims anything about God “lighting a match” literally or figuratively. Your steady state theory has already been debunked. What you propose is mere speculation and fairy tales without evidence. But here’s some real scientific evidence to consider.


      7. You’re quite a character Harry. I’m pretty well brushed up. I follow more than most. Lighting a match was figurative for god lighting the fuse for the Big Bang. Just a little pun. Christians seldom can connect dots in their own. Always so serious.


      8. The Bible makes creation claims. That’s a scientific claim. Btw, if this world is a creation, it is not natural, but artificial. So much for god using natural laws.


      9. Jim,

        You should quit while you’re ahead. The more you comment, the more your comments show a lack of logic. Once again like a typical liberal, you’re seeking to redefine concepts and principles to match atheism when that’s not how things work. Nature is made up of space, matter, time, and energy. It had a beginning since science proves space, matter, time, and energy have not always existed. That’s scientific fact which you are blatantly and mistakenly trying to sidestep. In order for nature to have come about with its ordered beginning, someone existing outside of nature had to bring it into existence with space, matter, time, and energy, which were also brought into existence. Then he used that authority to define what nature is and he defined the laws that act as the foundations for nature.

        Because that being exists outside of nature and everything that contributes to it, he can operate outside of nature to cause things to happen. Some of those things are what are known as miracles. If there was no one existing outside the laws of nature more powerful than nature itself and if the laws of nature are the only things we could ever be subject to, then…

        people would not rise from the dead like this guy–> https://sunandshield.wordpress.com/2013/08/23/father-in-ohio-is-raised-from-the-dead-after-teen-son-prays/

        Or this guy–> https://sunandshield.wordpress.com/2011/06/16/doctor-testifies-that-he-rose-from-the-dead/

        If there was no God and there were only laws of nature in operation, the laws of physics and gravity would demand that these people should have died or remained in the situations they were in:









      10. What evidence do you have that god exists outside nature? Do you have proof? You sure act like it.
        Have you even read any of my comments? I am not a liberal at all as you accuse. Your judgement of me is way off the mark Harry. Dead wrong and now you spout your incoherent faith. That’s all it is. Faith. You know absolutely nothing. Plus your being an a**. You are the one who needs to think a bit sir. The Bible makes claims of creation! Is that not a scientific claim? Obviously the topic of creation falls into scientific origins. You blow a lot of steam and say nothing at all. Why so angry? Can I warm you some milk?


      11. [What evidence do you have that god exists outside nature? Do you have proof?]

        Jim, your comments have shown you couldn’t care less about proof. Anyone who knows what “proof” is would know that I’ve already given you plenty of proof. But since it doesn’t fit the lies of atheism, you have to reject the proof.

        [I am not a liberal at all as you accuse.]

        If that were true, then why is it that you vehemently defend abortion on your blog when the science proves that abortion is the murder of a human being? Why call yourself “The Common Atheist” when most atheists (common atheists) are liberals? You contradict yourself. Which means you’re either ignorant or blatantly lying or both.

        [The Bible makes claims of creation! Is that not a scientific claim? Obviously the topic of creation falls into scientific origins.]

        You’re contradicting yourself again, Jim. In a previous comment (https://sunandshield.wordpress.com/2018/11/29/ray-comfort-exposes-atheists-contradictions-lack-of-logic/#comment-31995) you stated, “I thought you were a creationist Christian? Why all the science Harry? Because you have no story of your own?” You mocked the concept of creation being scientific, implying they are opposed and separate concepts, but now you admit creation is scientific. You proved the Bible is true again. It says “a doubleminded man is unstable in all his ways” and your contradictory opinions have shown that.

        [Why so angry? Can I warm you some milk?]

        I’m not angry, Jim. I’m also not the one calling people an a**, which is a curse that people who are angry hurl at other people. So who’s really angry? And given the history of atheists killing people (Klebolt & Harris at Columbine, Dr. Kevorkian, Texas church shooter Devin Kelley, etc.) I wouldn’t take warm milk or any other product for consumption from an atheist.


      12. I hosted a couple of abortion discussions. So what? I support nothing of the sort. I do however respect others opinions, try to learn from everyone, and reek with tolerance. All of your self praised pseudoscience is not proof Harry. Nobody but blind faithers believe your nonsense. Sorry, it’s not compelling. You have none of your own ideas, but only parrot the indoctrinations of others. One day you’ll become an atheist, and only then will you be you. Then you will hold judgement on others. Then will you see clearly the love that you are lacking now. It’s true, the key to understanding the mysteries is unbelief. All you do is sit here and spout the things others have said. Very unoriginal. When was the last time you used your own mind? It’s been hijacked through the dumbing of faith.


      13. [I hosted a couple of abortion discussions. So what? I support nothing of the sort. ]

        Lies, lies, and more lies from the Common Atheist. Here are the words you promoted regarding abortion on your blog:

        “…a woman who is pregnant must consent to allow the fetus to use her body, and consent can be withdrawn at any time. If you deny this and thus force women to remain pregnant, you are literally—not figuratively, giving more bodily autonomy rights to a corpse than you are to a living woman” (https://jimoeba.wordpress.com/2018/06/18/pro-choice-and-bodily-autonomy/)

        “When considering the confluence of mind and body and what is best and wholly natural for the individual woman concerning abortion, terminating pregnancy by choice is as natural as miscarriage, with personal reactions to miscarriage, abortion, and pregnancy being nearly identical.” (https://jimoeba.wordpress.com/2018/09/15/abortion-or-miscarriage-is-there-a-difference/)

        That’s about as liberal as one can get.

        [All of your self praised pseudoscience is not proof Harry. Nobody but blind faithers believe your nonsense. Sorry, it’s not compelling. You have none of your own ideas, but only parrot the indoctrinations of others.]

        If you had really watched the videos I shared, you would know they’re not pseudoscience. Especially since much of the videos were quotes from scientists and data from scientists. It definitely wasn’t self-praising either. My faith is based on evidence. Your faith is blindly based on how you feel. You’ve offered zero sources or evidence, only conjecture.

        When you follow the truth as I do, there’s no need to have every idea you share to be original. As a matter of fact, Jesus commanded us to repeat his truth and the concepts that back up his truths. It’s all done to counteract all the unoriginal lies people such as yourself repeat over and over. None of your ideas is original, either. You liberals are so good at projecting. Such hypocrisy.


      14. It was just an idea and an argument I presented Harry. I also have anti abortion arguments. I’ve also posted arguments in favor of Christianity (doing you work for you). I have much better arguments for your faith than you do(I was a Christian for 50 years) I disagree with them, but you guys rarely use the muscle you have because you don’t understand scripture and you’re blinded by what others tell you. I see your points here Harry, but, I don’t support abortion. Is it not ok to know both sides intimately? That’s all I do.
        I don’t watch many videos at all. Never have. I prefer reading, especially when you post so many. I prefer to read people’s own thoughts. You have only criticized me but have brought nothing original. None of your own thoughts. You really don’t understand me. Your knee jerk reactions have kept us from being friends. Relax bro. I was hoping to find something valid in your words. No luck, but a lot of anger.
        It baffles me that there is one black Christian on the planet after what that religion did around the world. Puzzling how one could embrace their oppressors so fervently. Same goes for native Americans. It’s just crazy.


      15. [I have much better arguments for your faith than you do]

        Highly unlikely since you keep contradicting your own arguments and can’t keep your story straight.

        [I was a Christian for 50 years]

        No you weren’t. Just because you were in a Christian environment doesn’t make you a Christian. Once Christian, always Christian. You were playing pretend Christian like a lot of people do. “They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.” (1 John 2:19)

        [you don’t understand scripture and you’re blinded by what others tell you.]

        You’re actually talking about yourself here. A hypocritical liberal projecting again.

        [ I don’t support abortion]

        More contradictions. They prove what you say cannot be trusted or relied on. The previous quotes from you on abortion prove you favor it.

        [I don’t watch many videos at all. Never have. I prefer reading, especially when you post so many.]

        Interesting statement. Much of the information distributed nowadays is in video form. So basically you’re saying you cut yourself off from a lot of the information that can be found today. That explains a lot. FYI, I only posted 2 videos to respond to you. The rest were in text form. That means you didn’t bother to look at any of the proof I gave, yet you dismissed it without bothering to read it. That means you couldn’t care less about knowing all sides of an issue like you falsely claim. It also means that you’re lying about preferring reading. As I told you before, the more you comment, the more you dig yourself into a bigger hole.

        [ I prefer to read people’s own thoughts.]

        If that were true, how did you become educated? Did you dismiss all your math in school for not being your teachers’ original thoughts? When kids write essays in school including college, they have to have several other people as sources to back up their own thoughts on an issue. When lawyers write legal briefs and argue in court, they have to present previous cases as precedent to back up their arguments–mostly not their own original thoughts. In your worthless argument about dismissing anyone who has no original thoughts, you dismiss doctors, lawyers, scientists, judges, legislators, experts who have written textbooks, and even yourself.

        Yes, you dismiss even yourself. To end your comment you state you are baffled that any black or native American would be Christian based on what the religion has done around the world. That’s not an original thought. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve read or heard that from a God-hater like yourself, I would be a retired millionaire by now. You’re so unoriginal in your thinking and don’t know your history or the Bible. Some of the first Christians in the Bible were Africans. The man who carried Christ’s cross was an African from Cyrene in Libya. He and his sons became Christians. Africans became Christians at Pentecost. There were two Africans who blessed and prayed for the apostles Paul and Barnabas at Antioch, Syria, before they went out to the world to spread the gospel. Philip the deacon in Acts shared the gospel with the Ethiopian eunuch who was a treasurer, who then got saved and went back to spread the gospel throughout Ethiopia under King Natakamani and the Candace Queen Amanitore, a proven historical fact.

        Muslim Arabs were the ones who started the African slave trade, not Christians. Genuine Christians (abolitionists) were the ones who fought against the slave trade because the Bible teaches against it in 1 Timothy 1:10 when Paul condemned menstealers. You lack knowledge and wisdom. So much for your being original.


      16. Wow. Thank you for the ignorant rebuke. And I thought we could be friends. You still don’t understand anything outside your bubble of blindness. That’s fine.
        You prefer to watch slanted videos and news. I cannot for 70-80% of all of it is garbage with an agenda. Both sides. I went to college and did the traditional learning, but, as for opinions I form my own from different publication and research. Not from news and videos. They’re is not truth in your words. You have misjudged me, and therefore I know you are also misjudging the accuracy of your heralded videos. Your confirmation bias is astounding. To top it off Harry, you’re unkind. You are not a true Christian and your faith is weak. That is why all the attacks and misjudgment. I thought we could be friends, but you’re just not a nice person.


      17. [You still don’t understand anything outside your bubble of blindness.]

        Says the guy in the bubble of his own blindness.

        [you’re unkind]

        Says the guy who thinks murdering unborn humans has valid arguments.

        [You are not a true Christian and your faith is weak]

        If that were true, I would have believed every word you said and would join you in being a non-atheist atheist who rejects those without original thoughts while not having original thoughts of my own.

        How is it unkind to do you the favor of pointing out your own contradictions and that you are on shaky ground? How is it unkind to show that you, as a sinful, fallible human being cannot rely on your own understanding and need someone bigger, more powerful, and more knowledgeable than you or any other human in order to be rescued from yourself?


      18. I’m not sinful. I live a very honorable life and I do not live by your rules harry. I am a free man. I don’t need “need someone bigger, more powerful, and more knowledgeable than you or any other human in order to be rescued from yourself because my core is kind. Maybe you need the gospel because you have a rotten core. I don’t need someone to tell me to behave, but evidently you do. Your preaching is distasteful. I see I am the only one reading your crap and insults. Take a hint there buddy. Your so full of yourself nobody like you anymore. And if there was a god, he wouldn’t like it either. You are dead wrong about me.


      19. [I’m not sinful.]

        Then why would you even entertain the notion that it’s okay to murder innocent unborn humans?

        [Maybe you need the gospel because you have a rotten core.]

        You’re absolutely right. My human nature is sinful and rotten which is exactly why I need Jesus in my life and why I have him in my life. Thank you for pointing that out. For all of us have sinned and come short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23), including you. But, thank God, Jesus has made me clean to the core now. You should try him. He offers the only ultimately, genuinely freeing relationship.

        [I see I am the only one reading your crap and insults.]

        No you’re not. You’re just the only one commenting at this time because I’ve struck several nerves that make you uncomfortable and have you questioning yourself, so you’re kicking against the prick of God working on your conscience. That’s a good sign, methinks.

        [Your so full of yourself nobody like you anymore.]

        Not true. But even if it were true, I would be totally content in the fact I’m never alone since God is always with me. He dwells in me and I dwell in him–a wonderful relationship way above and beyond the instability of human to human relationships.

        Jim, you try to put on a confident facade but your words betray how empty you know you really are inside. You know there is truth to the words I speak and it scares you, so you lash out at me when I’m not really the problem. Your sin is. You need Jesus like me and like the rest of humanity does. If you are truly honest with yourself you would admit your philosophy by which you live your life isn’t freeing at all. That’s why you came here searching for something. But it wasn’t presented to you in the way you assumed it would be. You crave something, someone that you know is missing. That’s why you can’t help but contradict yourself in your continued comments to me.


      20. Stop assuming—It’s quite distasteful. I am not the least bit uncomfortable at all. I really don’t need a make believe friend to validate me. You do. Fine. Enjoy your prison sentence. We have the power to make life beautiful, all by ourselves, but certainly not with your attitude. Good night Harry.


      21. The universe has a whole plethora of constants that must all be maintained simultaneously in order for the universe to maintain it’s existence. This proves that it has a specified order underlying our existence and is not in a state of pointless, random flux. The universe is so structured and ordered that science shows there had to be someone outside of space, matter, time, and energy who designed the universe to give it structure and order.


      22. It’s pretty simple what elements, masses, gravitational waves and speed do Harry. They do it all the time. And these plethora of constants (which wobble and yaw, the orbit ain’t round sir) is exactly what happens when matter interacts in the field over time. The earth itself is in a calm, but its history is one of catastrophe, and it will happen again. We have a special little find here billions of years in the making. But, it won’t last forever. Stars giant out and stuff collides. We have had a run of good fortune, while other systems crash. Our turn could be up soon enough if we don’t wreck it first. It is a big and wild ride, I thought you were a creationist Christian? Why all the science Harry? Because you have no story of your own? With all due respect sir, nobody has but guesses. I like mine.


      23. [There was never nothing. That is the only reasonable answer. Even a great void is something.]

        He says as he tries to deflect and divert away from all the proof that has been presented to debunk his views.

        Now that I’ve presented scientific and miraculous spiritual proof, here’s some historical proof that the Bible is true and accurate:






      24. The Bible is a rag not worth the paper it’s printed on. It is the last thing on earth I would impart to any decent man. So full of false promises and murderous piety. Some book you got there bud. Surely you are joking.
        Is a great void something or not Harry? Is this gods first universe? Weird for an eternal being to just now get off his butt to make the first universe. If he is eternal, There would be infinite universes and infinite space and infinite time. Yet you limit your god to this one go-round? Pathetic. You are dead wrong…


      25. [Weird for an eternal being to just now get off his butt to make the first universe. If he is eternal, There would be infinite universes and infinite space and infinite time. Yet you limit your god to this one go-round? Pathetic.]

        What’s really pathetic, Jim, is how you dig bigger holes for yourself each time you comment. Since God is eternal, all-powerful, all-knowing, and omnipresent, why would such a being try to live down to your expectations of what he should or should not do when you are a limited being with limited knowledge, no wisdom, and no concept of how true science, spirituality, or history works?

        [The Bible is a rag not worth the paper it’s printed on. It is the last thing on earth I would impart to any decent man. So full of false promises and murderous piety.]

        “Murderous piety,” says the guy who vehemently defends murdering innocent unborn humans. If you truly believed in atheism, you wouldn’t believe that a concept of what is “decent” even exists. Contradictions, contradictions.

        If you believe the Bible is worthless, why do you keep agreeing with what it says? You use the concept of what’s decent. The Bible also promotes what’s decent, commanding us to “Let all things be done decently and in order”, 1 Corinthians 14:40. You mistakenly claim it has false promises, meaning that you claim to hate lies. The Bible also teaches against lies when it states, “Ye shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one to another,” Leviticus 19:11. If you hate the Bible so much, then you would also hate everything it teaches, like decency and telling the truth. You would also not buy into the very concept of universal right vs. wrong as your comments imply. Again, you’re doubleminded.


      26. Whatever you say. If the relevance of the Bible were condensed, it could appear in a pamphlet. That how much actual value it has. You sure your reading your crystal ball correctly. Nothing you’ve stated about me it true. Judge not..ring any bells?


      27. Jim,

        Yours is a typical atheist response. When we Christians present our views, atheists claim science is what’s important and demand we present science to back our views. Then when we prove that scientific facts back our views, you come back with “Why all the science?” Then you claim “nobody has but guesses” when all along you claim that science proves your atheism. I’m definitely a creationist because of what God has proven across the board, whether it be spiritual proof, historical proof, or scientific proof. And, of course, since I’ve presented beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt, reliable scientific proof you have to dismiss it because atheists, like other liberals, really don’t care about anything that proves them wrong–including science. Why? Because it’s all about saying or doing whatever they have to say or do to encourage themselves in their sin.

        Thanks for proving the Bible true. You’ve made foolish comments with no proof to back what you say, proving the Bible true when it says “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.”


      28. Beyond a shadow of your doubt. Your amateur armchair science only exists to validate your faith. I have a great hypothesis, more sensical than creationism. I suppose we’ll see who’s right in the end. Try to be more pleasant. Thank you for sharing your views.


      29. Jim,

        Please try not to project so much. I’m the one who has given indisputable, valid scientific evidence while you’ve given no proof whatsoever of your amateur, illogical armchair science.

        You know God exists which is why you are trying so hard (but failing) to knock down the evidence I’ve submitted. But as if science, miracles, and history aren’t enough to prove what the Bible says, here’s even more proof–the Bible’s prophecies and their fulfillments.



      30. You’re a comedian? I don’t believe you have anything but a million pages of apologetic excuses for the inadequacy of god. You have to explain him? Some god you’ve got there. Do you need a cup of milk?


  2. Why do you even care what atheists believe? Is your faith so weak that you can’t stand alone with your beliefs, you need everyone else to believe the same things? Maybe you inherently know that god is just a myth.


    1. I care what atheists believe because (1) I’m a Christian concerned about the eternal destiny of lost souls and (2) I’m concerned about the negative influences that atheists have on cultures when they exert their dark influence. For example, their promotion of abortion which was originally pushed by a racist atheist to get rid of all blacks such as myself, or the atheists who created socialism which was used as a pretext to kill millions of innocent people. Atheists started both world wars. An atheist shot JFK. I have no doubts about God’s existence. He’s proven himself in history, science, and spiritual matters.


  3. Harry I just wanted to start a new thread here. Here is a little about me since you haven’t figured it out yet. Be patient sir.
    In our lives we are usually given two choices. Left, or right, liberal or conservative, Christian or Muslim, and so forth. The problem I face is we are given two wrong choices, scientism or creationism, but the greatest of those are belief in god, or atheism. They are both wrong again. I blog under TheCommonAtheist because I don’t believe in god. I don’t believe in atheism either, but as I am no stereotypes I don’t know what I would call myself. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle, and occasionally way out in yonder left field. I subscribe to no ideology, but make decisions on reason and observation. All my thoughts are mine. Although I have read the Bible many times, I have never read an atheist book nor do I watch the news. I am fact finding my way without the opinions and fake news, or fake religions. Reality can only be realized without all the white noise of the world. Hope that helps.


  4. If he cannot read or does not read the Bible, tell Jim to read the pamphlet and maybe something will jump out at him. I would brush the dust off of your feet, Harry and concentrate on something more valuable and worthy. You can only do so much and it is hard to break down Jim’s wall. But I know one thing – the Lord absolutely loves Jim regardless of what he is spouting off and the Lord wants Jim in Heaven with Him. Prayer now is the only answer…..

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