Two women arrested for selling marijuana edibles at Savannah, Georgia, church

Two women are facing felony charges after they sold various illegal marijuana edibles at a local church in Savannah, Georgia. The church was hosting a special event organized by an outside vendor not tied to the church. They were trying to contribute to the local community to showcase and support legitimate local businesses by allowing them to use their facilities. The women apparently took advantage of the situation and one of them, Ebony Cooper, even boasted on social media about how they were selling their products at the church, encouraging “customers” to come by and make a buy. All the other vendors were found to be legitimate.

Local authorities somehow got wind of what was happening and sent undercover agents to buy some products to make sure it was really happening. When the women eventually left the church, the agents followed them then moved in for the arrests and searched the vehicle Ebony Cooper, 28, and her acccomplice, Leah Pressley, 26, traveled in. They found more marijuana edibles, $1,000 in cash, and a loaded gun.

The church was completely unaware what was going on. One church member who spoke to a reporter said that the church and the community don’t support that type of behavior. He went on to say it shows just how much disrespect some people have for God and his church.


Robert Catanese, Woman arrested for selling marijuana edibles at church event, (video), Monday, September 17, 2018.

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