It’s best to be thankful for your God-given birth gender

Unbelievers are pushing the false idea of “transgenderism” just about everywhere you turn these days while playing pretend and attempting to force others to play pretend as if one can really change genders. Genetically and biologically speaking, there’s no such thing as being transgender since gender is unchangeable and based on a person’s chromosomes (XX or XY). That’s the physical aspect of it.

But many have unknowingly jumped on the “transgender” bandwagon not knowing there’s a spiritual side to it. “Transgenderism” as we see it today got its start in the late 19th century in Europe with various Satanic societies. It is part of the religious cult of Hermes, the sexually perverted messenger of the Greek gods who spawned sexually perverted children. Hermes, according to some Greek traditions, was part male, part female as was his son Hermaphroditus.

This cult was spread in the UK with the help of Westcott and Hort, the men who created the foundation for modern Bible versions. They were founding members of both the Hermes Club and the occultic Society of Psychical Research (SPR). Among the practices in the Hermes Club was men dressing up as women and having sex with other male members. The SPR was obsessed with contacting devils, aka familiar spirits. So it should be no surprise that many “transgenders” today are involved in the occult.

This is part of the reason God warned his people Israel against men trying to be women and women trying to be men (Deuteronomy 22:5). It was a regular part of temple prostitution when the pagan Canaanites worshiped devils as pagan gods (Deuteronomy 32:17). This tradition continued with the empires of Babylon, Greece, and Rome.

Apart from the spiritual dangers of “transgenderism,” which is really homosexuality, there are some major physical dangers arising from men and women taking hormones to try to pass themselves off as the opposite sex. It is causing an increase in cancer within that population. Additionally, men attempting to be women are 80-90% more likely than the general population to suffer heart attacks and strokes after shooting up hormones. “Transgenders” also have a 41% suicide rate, way higher than the general population at around 4.6%.

As Christian radio host Bryan Fischer has pointed out, “the key for an individual trapped in the life-destroying lie of transgenderism is to change his way of thinking about himself. It is for him to renew his mind by reflecting on what the word of God teaches about gender and sexuality, choosing to affirm what it says, and then relying upon the internal power of the Holy Spirit of God to walk in obedience.” Of course, that first requires them to repent of their sin, believing that Jesus is Lord as they receive God’s grace.

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