Doing the noble thing by researching scripture

Acts 17:11 is one of the many passages in the Bible showing that the Christian faith is really supposed to be the thinking man’s religion. When Paul and Silas took the gospel of Jesus Christ to Berea, the Bereans were commended for their reaction to the message. We are told they were a noble people in that they were ready to receive the gospel and were ready to search the scriptures for themselves to verify what they were told.

If we want to be considered truly noble in the eyes of the Lord and in the eyes of genuine saints, the Bereans can serve as our role models for what we need to do, which includes:

  1. Being ready mentally to receive God’s spiritual truth when it obviously makes sense.
  2. Having a healthy dose of skepticism that makes us want to investigate further to make sure what we hear and are ready to accept does indeed line up with God’s word.
  3. Avoiding a closed mind that would cause us to reject a doctrine new to us that is really from the Lord.
  4. Realizing that God’s word is not far off somewhere that’s out of reach, but is something he makes easily accessible to all.
  5. Having the confidence that we have the mental capacity along with the Lord’s supply of wisdom and understanding to reach correct conclusions regarding doctrines, if we are open to letting go of sin and/or misguided ways of thinking.
  6. Being diligent, determined, and consistent in studying the facts and weighing the evidence from the primary source, God’s word, as well as considering the evidence of those who have genuine testimonies of what God has done.

Those who do the noble thing truly notice there is simplicity in Christ. It’s only when people wish to cling to and justify sin that they end up intentionally stirring up confusion and complications that act as barriers to keep them from Christ. They become the opposite of noble in their actions, character, and motives. Personally, having tasted the blessings of nobility in Christ, I prefer the noble route and where it ultimately leads, instead of the alternative. If God never tires of revealing awesome things to me from his word, why should I get tired of exploring the new possibilities his revelations present?

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