Some Bible prophecy teachers are still hung up on Nephilim

Usually Prophecy Watchers is a biblically accurate ministry, but in this instance they missed it. Their complete misunderstanding of Genesis 6 about who the “sons of God” are misconstrues their explanation of Bible prophecy. Ryan Pitterson in this video admits that the “angels” he assumes to be present in Genesis 6 and assumes to be “sons of God” are in rebellion against God. However, scripture makes it clear that the moment angels rose up in rebellion against God was the moment they “kept not their first estate” (Jude 6) and ceased to be sons of God and irredeemable.

Furthermore, the Bible only speaks of one rebellion in heaven when Lucifer and his angels rose up against God and his angels, then were cast out of heaven. This happened long before Genesis 6 since we see the devil rear his ugly head in the Garden of Eden. So by the time we get to Genesis 6, Moses (the prophet of God who wrote Genesis) would have known better than to refer to fallen angels as “sons of God.” I invite all discerning believers to put your spiritual armor on and see if you can discern how these false assumptions can skew the proper interpretations of the Bible prophecies mentioned in this video.


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