A whitewashing revamp: Freemasons up the ante for a better reputation

In recent years, Freemasons have gotten a bad rap for being so secretive, suspected of hatching heinous plots behind closed doors. That bad rap, in my opinion, is well-deserved since history has shown they do some shady, underhanded things as they attempt to present themselves as innocent because of the charity work they do.

In order to counteract negative portrayals of the centuries-old secret society, they have intensified a campaign worldwide to place themselves in a better light and to recruit the next, younger generation of Freemasons. Those efforts include a documentary produced by California Freemasons that was recently screened in Charlotte, North Carolina. That documentary, entitled 33 & Beyond: the Royal Art of Freemasonry was shown to a sold out crowd and due to high demand will have an encore presentation in Charlotte on March 16.

The Masons claim it is an open, frank behind-the-scenes look at Masonic mysteries, rituals, and culture that places men on a “path to enlightenment” where they can have their own “hero quest.” I suspect they omit the part about the true origins of their modern oaths, which are the ideas of Albert Pike, the Confederate segregationist general who was a member of the Theosophical Society–a Luciferian organization.

In Great Britain, the United Grand Lodge of England put out advertisements to promote their Masonic lifestyle, portraying themselves as innocent victims who “shouldn’t have to feel undeservedly stigmatised.” This is despite the fact some of their actions have caused deaths (Hillsborough soccer tragedy) or have dismissed what’s best for citizens in favor of the selfish gains of high-ranking Masons.

Finally, in Israel, a grand master has spoken out to proclaim Freemasonry is “not a cult” and is simply akin to being “Boy Scouts for adults.” He plays the sympathy card by highlighting the fact thousands of Freemasons were Holocaust victims because Hitler considered them Jewish. In reality, although modern Israel is the fulfillment of Bible prophecy and evangelicals are correct in backing Israel, we must also understand that there have been bad actors in Israel’s government from the start who had ties to Hitler. They were Freemasons and it was German Freemasons with help from the Vatican who brought German National Socialists, i.e. Nazis, into power and helped preserve their power until they lost WWII. (Warning: the video below has some curse words.)

The Nazis burning lodges and killing certain Freemasons was all a game. Just like the claim Nazis were against drugs when they abused drugs or were against homosexuality when Hitler and most of his officers were themselves gay. But I digress. The Israel grand master claims they don’t discuss religion, politics, or sex because the subjects are too divisive. He also claims they are expected to uphold the laws of the state and preserve laws of morality. All of his claims are a whitewash since the higher degrees participate in all types of immorality and law-breaking, including political manipulations and occultic practices.

Freemasons are a modern example of Paul’s statement in 2 Corinthians 11:13-15–appearing as ministers of righteousness when they are really ministers of darkness.


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  1. Revelations: Said the son of God unto the Church of Thyatira—-, to the words “Those who have not known the DEPTHS of SATAN ” refers to freemasonry(mingled in theosophy- the wickedness) unto its initiations .


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