Family’s Bible and faith survive destruction of house fire

Southern hospitality. That’s what the Frankovich family of Philadelphia, Tennessee has exhibited over the years with their family barbecue business. They helped people who survived the fires of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and also helped Hurricane Harvey survivors in Texas. But this time tragedy struck their own lives. A malfunctioning furnace sent their house up in flames in a matter of minutes.

Jay and his wife Brooke quickly got their four kids out of the home and no one was injured. However, their house was a total loss. After the fire ended, a fireman looking through the rubble of their home as they watched discovered their Bible untouched. As he handed the Bible over to them, the fireman told them, “Bibles never burn.”

Although the family is now going through the recovery process of building their lives back up after their losses, in addition to adjusting to the idea of  being the ones in need of help instead of the ones giving the help, the survival of their Bible and kindness from others has encouraged the Frankovich’s faith.

…the word of the Lord endureth for ever. 1 Peter 1:25

Source: David Ball, Bible survives flames in devastating house fire, WVLT channel 8 on channel 9, February 12, 2018.

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