Atheists to Arkansas schools: use “In God We Trust”, we’ll sue

American Atheists, an organization started by the late Madalyn Murray O’Hair, has sent a letter to practically every school superintendent in Arkansas threatening to sue them if they abide by a new law signed by Governor Asa Hutchinson in April. The law, Arkansas Act 911, requires public schools, public libraries, and any other public building under the state’s jurisdiction to display “In God We Trust” along with the US flag and the Arkansas flag in honor of America’s history and heritage. Representative Jim Dotson, who sponsored the law, patterned it after Georgia’s law. Every classroom in every public school is required to have the displays provided that private donations are available to make them possible.

“In God We Trust” has been on US coins since 1864 and on US paper currency since 1957 after President Dwight D. Eisenhower, a Republican, signed the motto into law on July 30, 1956. Although lawsuits have been filed many times against displaying the motto, they have failed since courts have ruled time and again that “In God We Trust” is about American tradition, not the establishment of any government-sponsored religion. Nevertheless, the American Atheists seem determined to file federal lawsuits should any Arkansas school district comply with Act 911.

Bentonville, Arkansas, will be the first city to move forward on erecting such a display. The Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit religious rights legal society, has offered to take on their case pro bono should American Atheists follow through on their threat. Mathew Staver of the Liberty Counsel feels the school districts would have a strong defense against any such lawsuit given all of the legal precedent from case law and the long history of the motto’s use in America.

The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity… Psalm 53:1

Source: Leo Hohmann, Atheists threaten to sue every school district in Arkansas,, 9/19/2017.

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  1. Your position is disingenuous. You know and I know that “God” as used in “In God We Trust” is “the one true God of the Bible”. And so I applaud the AA challenge and have a question for you and your followers: How would feel if it said “In Allah We Trust” instead?


    1. Frank,

      Frankly there’s hardly justification for equating the God of the Bible with Allah. The Quran (like the atheists’ socialism) orders the murder of innocents who have committed no crime or the unjustified violation of their rights. The God of the Bible orders the preservation of innocent life and only orders death for criminals or hell for deserving sinners. Get your facts straight–>


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