Poll: Is online outrage justified over Elevation Church & breastfeeding mom?

The situation of the breastfeeding mom at Elevation Church’s Ballantyne, North Carolina site continues to get heated discussions online. Amanda Zilliken, who was asked to leave the sanctuary if she wanted to breastfeed even when she was covered up, has gotten crowdfunding backers urging her to sue the church while others have called for the church’s closing. Still others have defended the church. Elevation has even explained what their policy is, what the situation was, and have apologized.

I’ve never tried a poll before here, so please bear with me if there are kinks, but feel free to take the poll below and leave your comments. It should be available for 24 hours if everything works correctly. I won’t be moderating any comments so they will show up immediately until about 9:30 pm Eastern.

6 thoughts on “Poll: Is online outrage justified over Elevation Church & breastfeeding mom?

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  1. The person at Elevation should’ve been told how to better handle it. woman was enjoying worship and wanted to hear the word. She was covered. Why the fuss? And, no, she shouldn’t sue. They should make it up to her somehow someway. When my wife breast fed our son, we asked church leader ahead of time, explained and showed her blanket and they were ok.


  2. She could be a bit humble by moving to a private place breast feed the Kid & return back, instead of making such a Hue & Cry. Said Christ there comes the day “Blessed be the paps that give not suck” Seeing her breast be used for a political issue.

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  3. She had every right to feed her baby during service. I have a good friend that attends this same location and regularly breastfeeds her daughter and NOTHING has been said to her. In another article, this mother stated she had been regularly breastfeeding her baby without incident until Sunday. So why the uproar? This could have been handled completely differently. Not to mention, on her OWN facebook, she said she wished she knew what cars the volunteers drove so she could slash their tires.

    I do not feel sorry for her at this point.

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  4. If that was the Church’s policy, then this girl should have abided by them. Whether you think that they are wrong or not is none of your business. This is their policy – end of conversation…


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