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Laser light shows leaf fossils contain original membranes & no evolution

For decades scientists assumed that leaf fossils were just impressions left by leaves that eventually dissolved over millions of years. However, researchers at Sweden’s Lund University scanned leaf fossils with laser light, rendering unexpected results.

ginkgo biloba (creative commons license).pngIn their experiment, the scientists scanned leaves from living tropical conifer trees called Araucaria and also scanned fossilized Araucaria that supposedly dated as far back as 200 million years. They also compared those leaves with living ginkgo leaves and fossilized ginkgo leaves.

To their surprise, the fossilized leaves still had their waxy membranes. The original molecules were still intact after the supposed millions of years. This just isn’t supposed to happen since leaf molecules decay and disintegrate in a relatively much shorter period of time. Therefore, the fossils debunk the assumptions that such leaves are millions of years old, although some scientists are loathe to admit such a thing since it would be admitting to a young Earth.

Another surprising find was that there were no specific chemical molecular bonds that tied the Araucaria to the ginkgo leaves. The previous assumptions were that Araucaria and ginkgo plants at some point millions of years ago had a common ancestor they evolved from. But fossilized Araucaria and existing Araucaria have always been the same Araucaria. Fossilized ginkgos compared to today’s ginkgos show ginkgos have always been the same ginkgos. So the study unexpectedly confirms God’s law of kinds in Genesis–every created thing only naturally reproduces after its own kind. Nevertheless, don’t expect staunch evolutionists to admit this.

For more technical details on this study, read: Brian Thomas, Fossil Plants Contain Original Molecules, Institute for Creation Research website, August 3, 2017.


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