Hate to say I told you so: Satanic Temple admits most members are gay

Five years ago, I did a post (The occultic foundations of modern atheism) warning of the spiritual ties among atheism, Satan worship, and the gay lifestyle as proven by such historical figures as Aleister Crowley and Oscar Wilde, who were involved in all three. Several of my critics had taken exception to my drawing those conclusions, but now more proof of my conclusions have emerged.

devil horns in pink triangleSatanic Temple leader Lucien Greaves (aka Doug Mesner), who falsely claims his organization is atheist and they don’t believe in Satan, recently admitted in an interview that over half of the members of his group are into sexual perversions, what is commonly referred to as LGBT. While they falsely accuse Christians of hating them, the truth is that genuine Christians hate sin (not the sinner) and love God. Therefore, because we love God enough to keep his commandments and acknowledge he bought us with the preciois blood of Christ, we cannot accept or endorse certain types of behavior.

In actuality, it is the LGBT activists who are the haters–they hate anything/anyone resembling God. They hate and wish to silence altogether anyone who will not accept their dogmatic lifestyle and beliefs. As the writer of the source article states: ‘There is a reason why the LGBT are obsessed with demons and the ghoulish- because they worship them. … Anybody who calls himself a “Christian” while supporting the LGBT is either a fool who does not know what his own religion teaches, or is a liar and a deceiver attempting to serve two masters, and as Jesus Himself said, no man can have two masters…’


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