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Answers in Genesis discusses reclaiming the rainbow and backlash from secularists

Staff members from Answers in Genesis discuss recent topics in the news from their Christian viewpoint. In this video, the topics include a discovery that renders a new theory on the ancestry of dogs, the inaccuracies of speculations about the T-rex, reclaiming the rainbow for Biblical purposes, the atheist congregation in Denver and how the media distorts numbers, Eugene Peterson’s non-retraction retraction on gay marriage, and more.


2 thoughts on “Answers in Genesis discusses reclaiming the rainbow and backlash from secularists

  1. Atheists in Denver , rather the Democrats in Denver deciding whether to worship god , ignorant of the fact that it is not they but God who decides. For says the Bible “They sacrificed unto Molach,, & took up the star of their god ramphan,— & for this reason God turned aside & gave them up to worship the host of heaven, for it is God that gave them up according to their wicked desires, then it takes the same God to bring them back, even forgetting the fact that God hardened the heart of the Pharaoh many times before utterly destroying all that was Egypt. And rightfully, God it seems decided that Hillary & her democrats lose the election,, to save the world from imminent WW3, by these godless sodomite whore & war mongers, along with their Fake medias & filthy hollywoods.
    Thank God..


  2. The rainbow has always been there & seen always Just Because some Sodmites keeps waving it as an immitation means nothing, in terms of the Bow, So reclaiming would amount to claiming their intentions. No Thanks.


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