Freemasons’ worldwide campaign of denying they’re a secret society

According to an article in the New Zealand Herald today, Freemasons are just a sweet, innocent group of men “concerned with moral and spiritual values.” They deny being a secret society that manipulates important happenings around the world with “internal wheeling and dealing, backing and banking” or “political clout.”

Brian Smith, a Freemason in Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand, states in the article that “People have to ask to join, they are never invited. To join, you have to believe in a ‘higher power’, and that could be Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, it doesn’t matter. You never talk religion or politics.” The report then proceeds to name all the charitable good works Freemasons contribute to in New Zealand as if that conveniently settles their dark, evil history–which is similar to how the Roman Catholic Church throws out all their good deeds to cover for the many clergymen who behave badly worldwide.

The picture they paint is all smoke and mirrors and can easily be exposed as lies, as I point out using a YouTube video featured in my past post covering the Masonic Order of the Eastern Star. The fact that they require belief in a “higher power” automatically means it is religious in nature. Then the additional criteria that one can be a follower of any religion implies that it considers all religions equal, that they believe all religions lead to God. That idea alone means that any genuine Christian should reject Freemasonry based on Galatians 1:8-9 and on the fact that the idea of one world religion is condemned in Revelation since it’s the path leading right to propping up the Satan-possessed Antichrist, aka the beast.

We also know belief in a “higher power” is a contradictory hypocrisy among Freemasons. Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, is an avowed atheist who is a prominent Freemason. Mark Twain was also an atheist who was a prominent Freemason.

With regards to Freemasons’ denial of “wheeling and dealing” or “political clout,” history has proven that to be a lie. The late Licio Gelli, a Master Mason, was infamous for all the political shenanigans he carried out. Then we have the Freemason ex-cops of the Hillsborough tragedy in the UK who were wheeling and dealing to cover up their misdeeds.

Just recently, the political clout of Freemasons came to light again when the Executive Secretary of the World Conference of Masonic Grand Lodges from Pennsylvania had his image printed on a stamp in Brazil to honor his work as a Freemason. That’s an honor usually preserved for dead people, but he is very much alive. As a matter of fact, Brazil’s postal service Correios has stringent guidelines for who gets placed on one of their stamps. A virtually unknown guy living in Pennsylvania who has rubbed elbows with the “presidents of Portugal, Chile, Romania, Mozambique, Mali, Gabon, Chad, and Congo… [and] former U.S. President George H. W. Bush,” in addition to being placed on a stamp in Brazil could have only done all of that with the political clout of Freemasonry.

The efforts of Freemasons to deny their influence and secret society status is merely a deceptive marketing scheme. That’s unsurprising given who their spiritual father really is.


Whangarei Freemasons say it’s no secret society, New Zealand Herald, July 15, 2017.

Curtis Garland, Shippensburg Freemason has likeness printed on Brazilian stamp, Shippensburg News-Chronicle, July 13, 2017.


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  1. Zechariah 5 reveals- Freemasonry & Theosophy, incidentally coupled together as the two horns, that form the second(lamb like) beast of revelations.


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