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Selah in Shiloh to find our lots in life

When Joshua took over leadership of Israel after Moses’s death, the nation continued to accomplish many things at Jehovah’s command in order to settle the land they were blessed with. To commemorate what God had done for them up to that point, a solemn assembly was called together in Joshua 18 as a selah, a reflective pause, to set up the tabernacle of the congregation for public worship.

Setting up at Shiloh, which means “rest” and “peace,” was to be their temporary moment of gathering before getting back to their tasks at hand for the nation. We discover in Joshua 18:2 that the majority of the tribes still had not accomplished most of what was left to do by taking possession of their inheritance.

They had slacked off in the midst of their selah in Shiloh, so Joshua had to light a fire under them in v. 3 when he said, “How long are ye slack to go to possess the land, whichWilliam Murphy open door photograph--creative commons license the Lord God of your fathers hath given you?” He then ordered them to get busy by taking stock of all their land in order for him to decide which territory each tribe would take when he cast lots “before the Lord in Shiloh” (v. 8, 10).

It’s a fantastic thing when we as believers take time to have a selah of worship together in a state of Shiloh since Christ is our Shiloh, but a selah should never be an excuse to slack off from doing what the Lord wants us to do for his kingdom. When we invite the Lord to tabernacle in our hearts through repentance for salvation, it’s not for sitting around waiting for pie-in-the-sky by and by. Our selah of strengthening the Lord’s tabernacle in our hearts while in Shiloh (the Lord’s spiritual peace) should also be a time to take spiritual stock of all the ministry possibilities God has provided for us since he’s Jehovah-jireh.

Taking the time to walk circumspectly (Ephesians 5:15-16), as three men from each tribe of Israel did in Joshua 18, we can then approach the Lord to request and discover what lots he casts for us in life to claim the spiritual territory set aside for us to spiritually build up his holy nation as Israel did for their earthly one.


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