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Why we as saints can’t afford to rest on our laurels

In the academic world, once professors accomplish certain objectives, such as getting published, they gain tenure and are pretty much set for the rest of their career. When that occurs, all too often the result is that many become slackers in certain respects and tend to rest on their laurels. That can happen also in Christian circles, but that is not how God intended it to be. Jesus in his parable of the servants gave the directive to “Occupy till I come,” (Luke 19:13) which is a standing mandate for saints to stay busy doing the Holy Ghost’s bidding until Christ returns. Given world events, we cannot afford to rest on our laurels.

The following 12-minute video from SkyWatchTV highlights the importance of staying aware that a spiritual battle is being waged behind the news headlines we see every day and the steps we should take to be engaged in the warfare as the Lord’s soldier saints:


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